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IZapp is a great player and even better comrade

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Game started on 1:5:30 system-I got axis for 150

Allies tried new great strategy(RAI) but the basic problems was all minors were converted turn 2.

Problem (for his side)was that France was going to fall almost in 39 or very early 40, as already said all minors were converted and his fleet was destroyed by axis. French armies non existant, Germans brokend trough the line and holding mine in France. Due to my conn problems we had to reload game 2 times... :(

After that I asked him to take my autosave position and we continue when I got on my home computer(without conn problems).

Zapp refused :confused: saying that he doesnt wont to continue game and also doesnt want to surrender, his reasons were that I didnt tell him that We ll have some conn problems-probably his concentration was too low .

Anyway this was friendly game-when I asked him reasons he told me that previously we had many games which we didnt finish, and his situation was very promicing ;) although we didnt have any games for last 1.5-2 yrs...

His reasons were taken from Monty Python episodes of Flying Circus(obviously) so I just want to warn ppl with bad conn to be carefull when playing ZApp :D

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Hehehe, LOL, what about this???

I really need to explain???

MAY 18 2005:

Dalmatia had first played a game with me where it after like 2 turns broke connection. Then every single turn after, the connection breaks, he cannot host.

We scrapped that game.

MAY 25 2005:

U asked me on ICQ "In the game?". Same **** happens again (i think from turn one this time!). I can do my moves, end turn and then it break, then u have to load (reload) it by PBEM, send me the file and I have to host again

We continue like that for 2-3 turns to see if it will work, WELL it didn't. We continue on the purpose of that it would start working, but it didn't.

Now we are supposed to continue this game some other time just because you got a better start? We scrapped it last time.

So, Nuff Said. I do not define a "Game" as something that breaks already from the start and continue to break. PBEM is not TCP/IP. I can post a loss in the PBEM league if u want. CU. smile.gif

[ May 31, 2005, 07:58 AM: Message edited by: zappsweden ]

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That s all nothin but the true...

but You forgot 1 small fact-I offered You(ZApp) to take last saved game and wait till I get home and get to other comp which has no problems...

Why did You refuse it-obviously not to loose a game...

Anyway Zapp consider this thread closed and finished, I did some scrapy and illegal moves before against other players but never more-maybe You should try it too


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not once DP and I abandoned games because of his net conn ... DP is living in a cave with a huge rock acting as a door. Occasionally the rock comes down cutting off the wire, then the net conn goes down ... DP is working his ass off to lift that rock back to its place and restoring the wire but the stone keeps coming down and the process repeats itself at an alarming rate, rate which can be accurately measured in SC turns.

Usually the rock comes down when he presses 'end turn' because of the collossal trembling the mouse click is doing :D

@Zapsterman - man, you got headcracked - breakthru in early 40? You know it is the end of RAI with such an early breakthru ;) Don't you dare to come up with lame stuff like 'rodents chewed up on DP's cable' or the famous line 'it's a waste of time, off to work' muahhahahaha

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