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Second list of odditys and semi bugs.

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I hate to see people lose because they didn't know some odd rule or bug so here is my second and last (maybe) list.

1) Allies do not need to retake Paris to use it as a 'major capital' supply base after operation Overlord. If they control at least one hex next to Paris, all resources with a path to the capital will upgrade to strenght 10.

2) Gabralter has a limiting reiforcement to str 5 until spain is attacked. Then you can reiforce units in Gabralter to 8.

3) I was going to write a 'major' review on bombers simialer to the post on rockets, but I figgered everyone will understand the importance of this without too much detail.

Bombers reduce entrenchment by two levels for every attack. Combine this with thier 8 hex attack range and Germany (or england in France) can 'walk' right through set lines of defence. This makes holding a defense line very hard and much easyier for armored breakouts.

4) There is one MT hex in eastern germany (35,14?) that will not add one 1AP to movement. Watchout as a polish corps might us this secret pass to take a German city quickly.

5) When placing units on the Russian border, only use corps (and if you must no more then 2 armys) until your ready for invasion. Terif has a simialar post somewhere, the % increase seams to be based on the TYPE of units on the border. If you only us corps you'll see it increase by only 1-3% each turn (roughly).

6) A unit lanched from a port has the transport supply level of the unit. A unit landing will have a supply level of L10 and 100% readness no matter the supply level of the transport. I feel this is a bug and makes seaborn invasions much too easy.

7) Turkey and Finland have two OOB and will setup depending on who makes the DOW.

8) To stop partisans in Yougoslavia you need to have a ZOC in all MT hex's (three units).

9) To stop partisan units in USSR you need to have a ZOC in all MT, Swamp, and city hex's. This means 7 units in western USSR, 2 in central USSR and lots in eastern and southern USSR.

10) Readness is based on what I call the rule of 3. For every 3 levels of increased support (Supply, HQ, Strengh) you gain 10% readness. This is a simplified way of looking at the formula's listed in the Manual but easyier to use when determining when to reinforce or what HQs to use.


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You can get the old DOS version as a freebie from Matrix. It has been updated to work in Windows.

Uncommon Valor is available (from Matrix), but it only covers a specific time and region.

There will be a new version of War in the Pacific that is being developed now. Believe its available by the end of the year. There is a topic in the General Forum that give a website.

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The old (& free) game is "Pacific War", an even older Gigsby game is "War in the south pacific".

"War in the Pacific" is completly new, using the new interface from "Uncommon Valor" and the complexity of "Pacific War".

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