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Revisiting the Starting Tech levels

Iron Ranger

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Looking from a Historical view I thought to go over the 'normal' starting tech levels and see if they should be adjusted for the early senerio's.

AT - Leave at L0 for everyone.

HT - Incress Russia to L2 at the start, the T-34 & KV-1 was better then anything germany could field until she started producing the Pz IV F and H. The armor she entered Russia with (PzIII and Pz IV D) would be L1 HT.

AA - Leave UK and USA with L1

LR - L1 USA, Leave alone

Jet - Incress German and UK to L1 at the start. They had modern mono-planes comparied to the Polish, Itialian and French air fleets. Maybe start USA at L2, tough call.

HB - Incress UK to L1 (B-24s) & USA to L2 (B-17s)

Sonar - Decress USA to L0 (useless tech anyway)

AS - Leave alone (L1 for germany)

GR - Leave alone (Some UK BBs should be given 1 exp point, but no tech advances)

Rockets - Leave alone (I would incress USA to L1 but they can't transport them)

IT - Russia increass to L3, USA decreass to L0 (sub rule, USA gets 5 chits at the start but must invest them in IT and leave them there till L4 or higher is reached).

Nothing earth shatering, alittle higher Jets and HB with Russia getting one advance in HT. I would change afew non-tech issuses also. 1 Medal for the two german starting HQs. 4 of the UK BBs start with 1 Medal Exp. And the HR for USA, IT/ research chits (5 investing in IT at start).


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These are my thoughts from a gaming point of view only:

I wouldn't bump jets since they end up being all powerful anyways. With a bump they become all powerful even sooner, which we don't need.

I'd put Russians IT at 4(lots and lots of cheap Corps, the only way to stop the Axis juggernaut), and the U.S. at 3(only way to simulate increasing production for the U.S.).

I'd also give Russia AA of 1, which would have a mild effect on Jets damage for the Axis when they attack Russia, once again slightly(very slightly) slowing the advance.

I'd also like to see a 2 chit max investment per tech, thus slowing advances (no super units or super jets by 1943).

Just my opinions.

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Before patch 1.06, Russia had level two of IT, which was 20% discount on purchases(to reflect cheap, plentiful manpower). After the patch, each level of IT was downgraded to 5%. Thus to keep Russia at the same level as they were, they should have level 4(20% off of purchases).

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