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AAR : W-League Championship. Zappsweden (Axis) vs Dragonheart (Allies)


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Heavy airbattles over sweden...we dont need the other map as most action is there.

Russian HQ landed in sweden and russians try to win some ground there, but hordes of italans suppored by german air defend like a human wall smile.gif

Both of us loose one air in sweden.

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February 1944:

Eastern Swedish Mine has been under attack for a while and nearly taken (still Axis held).

Axis make a minor assault near Romania, hurting a Russian Army. At the polish border, Russia has L3 tanks entrenched so that is pretty much a stalemate.

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zapp still counters in russia, i try to reduce the pressure and counter in Brest....very quiet the past turns concerning the air battles.

I have to play cautious as i have lost to much air so far.

1 german army was destroyed in a counter of the counter smile.gif in russia....it was almost a 4 Star

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After taking Brest the yanks poored to the french soil togehter with heavy air support i finally got paris. Zapp tried the turn the tide but it was to late as all his air had to intercept and there was no chance for counter.

Meanwhile the russians trained on his HQ in the mountains and killed another 3 Star army.

In sweden it was a stalmate game, the only thing i could do there was causing losses.

There were many points in the game were i though that i will loose but my strengh is to become better and better during gameplay, i have one target and follow my plan, no matter what happens elsewhere.

Zapp was again heavily using the AA Bug and reached at least lvl 3 AA this was killing me for a long time...but finally i researched there too giving me AA 2 for gbp and for russia.

At the end he had to fight on 3 borders which was to much for the axis with the fall of Paris he surrendered.

This was a great game zapp with tons of action but also some quiet times where everybody was planing some mad things. Obviously my plans where a bit better another thing was that germany never reached Lvl 5 jet.

Final tech levls of allied



Russia 2




Russia 5


Russia 2



Russia 3




Russia 2

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I tried to get Jet early in this game, but my Jets came late. I invested my 4 Jet chits long before Barbarossa but UK had L3 vs L1 Jets for a while. Prior to Barbarossa I wanted to control the English Channel so that I could shift air east and control every Allied move around the English Channel (and pull back west when needed). However, due to my Jet Lags (lol) I could not.

Germany Max chits:

Jet 4 chits

Anti-Tank 3 Chits

Long 2 chits

Anti-Aircraft 1 chit

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