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SC HQ's How Strong they are!


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I'd like one of two things on HQ's:

1) Great spread in the costs between the good ones and the bad ones.


2) Same cost, but you don't know if you are going to get the good one or the bad one.

By the way, HQ's are not too strong. I've seen 4 jets hit them, killing an HQ, sending 450 MRPs down the drain.

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HQ's and MPP's are the heart of the game, if there is a staring point for the game we need to have the information that make them work.

NATO is dead, France and Gemany will hopefully kill it, if we don't back up Turkey then what good is the organization?

The UN is our biggest enemy, hope 1441 fails, so we can get it out of our country. China has 1100 diplomats their, all spys, why do you need 1100 diplomats! We give the most money to it and the UN turns that money around against us, stupid!

Iraq is now the committee for human right in the UN, and Libya is the chairmen for disarmament, what are they thinking? Some one said that they do these offices alphabetically, maybe No. Korea should be the monitor for nuclear weapons!

Did you know that 105 octane gasoline was top secret and the germans didnot discover it until they captured a downed Mosquito and drained the fuel tanks. They tested the Merlin engine with their gasoline and found that the engine had less H.P. than they knew it could put out. They checked the gasoline that they drained out (made in Brea California) and found that it had more octane than their own gasoline. The high octane gasoline gave the engines 5% more power. That's a lot of H.P., 1475 BHP becomes 1548 BHP.

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Interesting about the octane, we live and we learn -- that's one of the things that I like about this forum, you pick up info like that which isn't normally in history books!

I've felt the same way about the U. N. since the '60s and it's only gotten worse. The funny thing is, as much I hated the organization I've gone there hundreds of times to sit in the area behind the building near the East River. It's good and quiet and a great place to read! smile.gif

In the '80s I used to pass scores of homeless sleeping on sidewalks right up to the U. N. area; somehow that never gets into magazine photos or news footage.

As I said elsewhere, that organization missed the boat right from the start. Setting it up in a major country was a mistake, setting up in the United States made it even worse and choosing New York for the it's Headquarters was the worst possible choice they could have made.

It belonged in some beleaguered part of the world so it could be right in the middle of the problems it was supposed to deal with. As it turns out it's just a bunch of phonies living free in million dollar penthouses going to the best restaurants and houses of ill rupute and passing the tab to the American and New York taxpayers. I'd like to see them try and do that in some other part of the world. No, other countries are too sensible.

Anyway, I got years of relaxation out of that wonderful garden with a view of the river so at least a little of my own tax money came back to me.

[ February 13, 2003, 09:11 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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This is way off topic... but since you guys brought it up... about the UN.

If it was being recreated... how would you go about it? What is a better solution? Nations that feel they are major powers, not to mention superpowers, are not going to stand for being ordered around by Third World nations.

If we pull out of UN, are you advocating isolationism? Or are you advocating Pax Americana? The world run by the US? Or pluralism, where the major powers of a area have a sphere of influence, that the other majors don't interfere with?

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Are you attempting to put Shaka, SeaWolf and myself back on topic! tongue.gif I'd agree with your concept if the game took place during a peaceful period. Then war colleges would be a real factor. But under the circumstances of the times, I kind of believe everyone was researching tactics and had numerous occasions to practice them as well!

It's an interesting idea. Can you develop it further? I don't want to venture an opinion till I have a better idea of what it's about.

[ February 14, 2003, 02:50 AM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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Not surprised you didn't care for your single visit there.

All the years I lived in New York I always hated the noise, pollution and generally frantic pace, but I was stuck there.

Most people hate cities that size but there were also of good things about living there.

Before the Internet Shopping era there was a great advantage in living in a big city in that you could find virtually anything you wanted and probably it wouldn't cost too much. Now, of course, you can get the same thing at three in the morning on your computer, so that's no big deal.

There's the normal attraction of shows and restaurants and concerts, mainly good things for those who have money in great abundance.

I've always liked going to museums and planetariums and they're always accessable. Plus I liked the idea of being up high in skyscrapers, especially the Empire State Building, so that was an advantage.

It sounds morbid now but during the '80s I used to go to the Windows of the World restaurant a lot, near the top of the World Trade Towers to stand at the floor to ceiling widows and look straight down 110 or so floors. It was one of those odd things not easily described but fun. My wife tried it once and jumped back from the sight. I can't think about that sight now without feeling lousy.

Anyway, finishing the U. N. garden stuff.

Usually I was left alone but on some occasions people would wander along and strike up a conversation. Needless to say they were nearly always from other countries and I always had a fantastic time talking with them. None of them ever tried to sell me on their politics or way of life, usually they talked about New York's crazy weather and all the noise and soot and how much better they liked wherever they came from.

Eventually there were several people I came to know, reading and talking about books and weather in a sort of informal club.

Some Eastern Europeans wandered back there with chess sets and we played a lot but I don't remember any of their names nor even where any of them came from. They were only after a quiet chess game with clocks. What a weird place to find non-talkers.

The security people gave me odd looks and two of the guards used to say, "Ah, it's the visitor!" whenever I passed through the checkpoint. An odd comment since the place always had hundreds of visitors, except they came and went on tour buses and only went through the building.

It wouldn't surprise me if visitors wouldn't be allowed back there now. Usually the really good things seem to end up being closed to the general public.

Ironically, I've never set foot inside the U. N. buiding. :D

[ February 14, 2003, 03:04 AM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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I don't know what the U. N. should be replaced with. You're right, there should be a common ground. The League of Naions failed and as far as I can see the U. N. is also a failure.

For a start, I think it should be set up right in the middle of a powder keg region. The Middle East would do fine. If there's a war in Iraq, when it ends I think the U. N. should be located in Bahgdad. That way there would have to be an international committment to solving the regions problems.

Also, as SeaWolf pointed out about all those spies, in a Third World capital they'd be reduced to spying on one another, an exercise in futility.

The organization would have no choice but to go about it's job and forget the power brokering. After a while they might even figure out what that job is supposed to be. Certainly not being the World's peace keeper, a task it doesn't do very well. After UN troops actually assisted in the orderly slaughter of so many people in Yugoslavia (directing them away from refuge and onto busses destined for killing zones!) why should anyone trust them with anything, especially their lives.

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A friend of mine just got called up because of the Iraqi thing. While he'll spend most of his time driving green goddesses I suppose he could end up "out there". I laughed when I read yesterdays newspaper - apparently the Brits in the dersert were waiting for desert camoflage kit, but got boxes of chef's whites instead!

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Getting the right item in the right place at the right time is always an adventure. When I was stationed in Main we'd start asking for heavy gloves and socks and other winter gear in July!

Staying on topic, I suppose even we had a Head Quarters, somewhere. If we had a golf course, which I believe we did, then the Head Quarters must have been nearby. Anyway, the important thing is we all knew where the NCO club was. We rallied their every Happy Hour so HQ would know where to find us in an emergency --like the tap running dry! smile.gif

[ February 14, 2003, 09:07 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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Just whenever I hear about the British Army its because something doesn't work:

Kosovo - had to buy local mobile phones because the radios didn't work.

Desert - Tanks grind to a halt in the sand (they should have learned that lesson from WWII!)

Rifles - that can't be used by anyone left handed and jam just by looking at them.

Helicopters - bought lots of Apaches but arn't going to be able to fly them because they forgot the pilot training programme or something and can't fire missiles because the backfire (or something) blows the tails off.

Is this just the British Army or does every nation have stories to tell from the vaults of the penny pinchers?

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As originally posted by SeaWolfe_48:

The UN is our biggest enemy...

Blue helmets,

Black heli-cops,

Scarlet letters burned on an incubus breast,

And god-favored gunslingers too!

Riding-riding... through a hot purple haze, hey!

I wonder-wonder who?

Wouldst distribute: foodstuffs, medicine,

Refuge... for all the rest

Of the have-not fools, who

Stuff emaciated faces! with locusts & dust

On the very best of days...

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Yes, some organization should take on these responsibilities. My gripe isn't as much against the UN as against the direction it's taken. I'd like to see it reorganized resembling much more it's original idealism. Also, I'd like to see it based in a Third World Country; my belief is it would remain more focused on the problems of humanity in a needy nation and there would be less espionage/power brokering than currently occurs.

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