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Hueristic beats Rambo...PLUS...Rambo's rankings, a League of My Own


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Hueristic pulled off the double gambit on me. LC-Allied & attacked the Italian navy. Congrats, it was a piece of art. I take the loss as the Axis. The gamble paid off. Done in Summer '40.

I made my fair share of mistakes. I should have perserved the Italian navy...would have....could have played the German air more conservative.

"Should've, Could've, Would've"

It was an after work scrimmage, taking cell phone calls while playing, etc. I don't recommend putting in a bunch of bets on your internet sportsbook while playing or yelling with my buddies while trying to invade somebody.


Far as the ranking stuff, you guys sound like a bunch of lawyers. Anybody play golf? Do it like golf handicaps so you don't need a bunch of stupid schedules, deadlines, e-mails, & bullcrap.

1) Find an opponent

2) Use the bidding system

3) And post your results

There won't be a way to evaluate players right now anyways, because there is no clearcut victory conditions. If you play "Win" or "Loss" but no level of ability, you might as well shoot your wad as the Allies early.

Who has time for the 12-hour marathons? I don't have time for Forum politics. Here's the real-deal.

Here's the rankings:


1) Terif (beat Zap both ways, somebody has to be #1. Good news is: I haven't played him yet, so I can go for the championship belt)

2) ZappSweden (dude plays alot, he should be good. I need to play him more than one-game. His personality is like the study hounds I know from school....can't be become a Legend without getting charisma)

3) Rambo (Legend isn't consistent...But I'm a Legend. "Image is everything" --- Andre Agassi")

Next teir. These guys need an Axis game to prove themselves:


1) Archiebald (he's very methodical, only played him once, but can tell he has game. Actually we're still playing & he's the Axis)

2) Hueristic (he headcracked me, goes up the ladder with his big gamble, I should've got off the damn phone & take the guy serious. He's probably a Cinderella story player, a fluke, but I gotta give him his due. First time he tried the double-gambit, he get whipped. But it will work every now & then. That's what will skew rankings)

3) Jollyguy (can't go higher only playing Allies, needs to play as the Axis. He's smart money type player, accountant)

4) IrishGuards (only played once, he's got game. The Euros have game, it's embrassing to all the USA players. Us (Yanks) go for the quick victory, while the Euros go the distance. Too much PlayStation players in the USA)

5) DutchStorm (only played him PBEM, he has game & nice guy)

6) Tommy Joad (another college student I think, who parties, & will pull some crap)

7) BrianTheWise (too emotional, well liked on Forum for being a nice guy, smile, be well)

8) SummLand (Family interrupts his game, if he had time...)

9) 82nd Ready (dude needs to prove himself)

10) GravesRegistration (wildcard type, can go up the ladder)

11) Waltero (dude has got to be a student, he playes 24-hours/day. Now he dissappers, mom probably took his computer because he's flunking classes)



1) Ken Federer (nice guy, up & comer...Buy stock in this dude)

2) Brad Tennant (Spends too much time babysitting tourneys to be a champ)

3) Torsten (nice guy rookie)

Cannon Fodder:


Comrade Trapp

Supreme Axis



Grace's Army

Can't rate:


David Brown (only played in 1.05)

Jason Combs (only played in 1.05)

got a bunch more, but not going to list 1.05


What the hell (heaven) is with the American players? How come a bunch of Euros are clogging up the rankings?


Captain Team-USA

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Thing is I started SC 2 weeks ago, I need a little space! smile.gif Cannon Fodder! Oh<!> I'll tell you... You are quoting Andre Agassi! Take me on the Tennis court man..... 15 years and bad feet, bad back, bad brain and a bad pair of lungs! I'll make you stand 10 feet behind the baseline cause I'll blow you off the court still!

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Liam --- You got 2-nicknames or something? If you're a rookie then obviously Cannon Fodder does not apply. Far as sports injuries...that's why I never played football, hockey, tennis, boxed, skied, or racing. I played hoops, baseball, & golf. I know you won't take me in golf or ping-pong.

[ January 14, 2003, 12:56 AM: Message edited by: jon_j_rambo ]

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Seriously SC requires a fairly aggressive player matched with knowledge of the game. I think all the best have the same sets they do, they just do various gambits/combinations/etc... that is what makes them good. It's also those who adapt well. I am having a hell of a time, killing! God it's like picking up a new toy! Though this one is enjoyable, I can see where you end up doing the same scenario over and over.

I miss hitting the courts. 100degrees/100humidity make it hard for average Joe down South here. Though it'll add 15 years to your life. Less stressful and more longevity and money, golf. God still trying to learn how to drive a ball straight... Heads up tongue.gif

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I disagree with your informal rankings....

here's my 11 cents worth and my thoughts on why (please don't take offense - just my thoughts). And there's no tiers here...

1) Irish Guards: As far as I know, he's undefeated and he was in the tournament.

2) Terif might be good, but he wasn't in the tournament (so he's unseeded), and I don't know how well he plays as Allies.

3) 4) and 5): Tied, roughly, the new rankings and continued plays will help.

Archibald: Plays well, knows the game, has many comments about good solid play. He know his stuff. I don't know his stats, but I figure as things settle, he will settle in around number 3.

Zappsweden: Plays stolid and cautious. I don't know how many times he has won as Allies, and believe that he had won many times as Axis. I believe he is about number 4 right now, but will end up about number eight on the ladder

Heuristic: He plays radical, and comes up with new ideas. If those ideas remained unknown, he might be able to be one or two, but we share, and the ideas are only good a couple of times: I believe he will end up around number ten on the ladder.

Unrated: John DiFool, Bruce Macon, Brad Tennant, Russ Bensing (sp), Immer Etwas: The enigmas: We know they play well, but less. They know the game, but we don't know how well they play the game. Not enough at least.

6) Rambo: He is an excellent player and innovative, particularly in the analysis of how to conquer of neurtals, and has played "50+" games. Extremely agressive, I think he gets messed up when dealing with the major countries, and the players reactions. I think he will end up around number 5 on the ladder.

7) Brian: Yes, I'll claim this spot for now, if that's ok. I've played the tournament, I've annoyed the hell out of Rambo, and most of our games have been close when I was allies, Dutch gambit, ideas. More over, I've played alot of other folks and games, that I really haven't talked about. I don't think I will really be able to beat Terif, or Irish Guards, or Archibald (Immer, John Di Fool, Bruce, Russ, Brad - I don't know, it's iffy. I'm getting better too). I'm pretty sure I can beat Zap, Heuristic, and Rambo.

And for the rest of all this wonderful community, I think those are the people to beat.

I neglected to mention CvM, which is an error. He's up there, I just don't know where. Smart kid, I'm told.

I apologize 82nd, don't know the record. Graves, not yet. Liam, you'll be a contender. Iron Rangers, probably. And so on.

Read their posts closely, all of them, if you want to play better (especially Archibald).

Rambling on, no can't use that word now. In addition: I think the game is very closely balanced. If you want to change it just a tad, add ten MMP's to each Allie, and reduce by ten, to the Axis. That should do it. Maybe 15.

nuf sed. my 14 cents worth.


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