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SC-2 Air Defense & Cities

Edwin P.

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Question: Should players be able to purchase extra Air Defenses for individual cities?

This would reflect the fact that some cities had more Anti Aircraft Defenses than other cities.


Allied player can purchase Air Defense Bonus for London for 250MPP. This would increase the Air Defense rating of London by 1.

Maximum Air Defense Rating of a City could be modified +5 through technology advances and +1 via air defense purchase.

PS: If SC2 adds an intelligence tech I would also add a 20% per tech level that the city receives a +1 AD bonus due to advance warning of the incoming attck.

PS2: The air defense rating of a city should also apply to its adjacent port hex.

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Maybe players should be able to purchase extra air defense, which could be assigned to a specific city and/or (if needed elsewhere) reassigned to another location (city, harbor, mines etc.).

And why not assign air defense to HQs, rocket-counters or any other counter (tank, corps, army)?

The defense factor should change: unmovable targets 100%, movable targets 50% (Percentages just as examples).

The air defence tech should change the outcome of air battles as well (the higher your radar-tech, the better your overall airbattle results (fighter-fighter, fighter-bomber, bomber/fighter-any other target).

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