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Rises Phoenix-like.


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The SC forum, that is.

Not long ago we were talking about how this place was dying.

We needed the new guys adding their opinions and asking their questions. It's starting to remind me of the old days only without that crazy Stalinist and his equally insane enemy causing every other thread to end up locked. ;)

I sort of miss those two, but I don't miss the padlocks they caused.

Meanwhile, we've got April coming up and some sort of announcement.

Excellent. smile.gif

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Aptly pronounced JJ. It has indeed been the newcomers that have infused life into this forum even though they are rehashing old points with a different perspective, still interesting. I'm sure although HC has numerous notes to refer to, the prevalent issues, none the less, need to be brought to the fore front as he tweaks the mechanics of SC2. In which case I would like to take this opportunity to ask, since I'm being pummeled with Axis naval air and I have level 5 AA research, that the air defense of my ground units, cities, industrial complexes, etc. be enabled to take advantage of that level and at least one Axis naval airplane should be shot down. Currently the Axis naval air are batting a thousand over a 6 month period causing hundreds of thousands of US casualties without the loss of a single jet. Something is wrong!

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Also one problem with discussion groups are

that for the ones, like me, that have not been around from the start, get a lot of remarks entring an old topic that is new for the newbies. I have met that behaviour in the HOI group.

Here its more forgiving, i think. But that is one factor that makes the discions fade away, In general.

BTW is the matter about the "tech bug" ie the tech does not work properly discuessed ?

search engine.......... do not have a lifetime to search ;)

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ya, I'm guilty of that, asking someone to search instead of just posting. Then nobody posts a question because they either found the answer by searching, or they don't want to make a post for fear of getting a "just search for it dummy" rebuttal.

perhaps there is some middle ground, newbies please read the sticky post on strategy, and if you don't find the answer there, by all means post!

I've also noticed a real drop in AAR postings from when I first joined. Come on guys, let us know about some of the more interesting games!

I'm sure the forum will pick up once SC2 is released.


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SeaMonkey, Curry

Appreciated ...

Haven't looked in on this since the first post. At one time I used to start a thread and make half the comments in it -- hardly the way to find out what everyone else is thinking. ;)

Got a kick out of it all, great tweety-Immer and Kurt's Dracula stuff. Despite his newbie-hostile reputation I think Comrade actually spends the most time answering their questions; neck and neck with Terif. :D


I'm the biggest culprit in advising new guys to search instead of asking very basic questions that have already been answered to death. In doing so I'm not trying to stifle interest or make them feel embarrassed -- at one point I was one of the guys who always jumped in to answer basic questions for the tenth of hundredth time ... of course new guys have to wonder about things that are new to them, but we do have a search engine and we do have volumes of answers, most of which are not in the sticky threads.

What I'm saying is look for the basic answers first, learn the mechanics and ask a better question later on that we can all get into. I don't know much about the game myself and very much enjoy detailed explanations by guys like Terif, Rambo, Zappsweden, Iron Ranger, Rannug, Liam, Comrade, Curry and others, including my friend Kuni in abstentia, guys who really know what this thing is about.

In other words, I think game questions are things we should all be able to get into and enjoy -- which means the person asking would prefarably get past the doorway before asking about the rest of the house.

Just my own view, possibly I'm wrong, which doesn't bother me -- if it did I'd spend most of time sulking. :D

[ April 02, 2004, 04:30 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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I guess it just goes to show you, us, and Hubert (actually), what an excellent game this is.

From my rusty bucket of brains, it's the best game I've ever played since before computers (3rd Reich).

I'll buy the SC2 the day it comes out.

And I'm ready to play some of this SC1 stuff too.

I'm back.

(this is the dimwit who proposed and sold the dutch gambit, that Hubert already knew about and planted in the game as a risky but fair option to take - it continues to amaze me how precise the various calculations are).

brian the semi wise

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Brian -- Dimwit au contrair and no way, you've always been one of the stars of this thing. I like the altered name, liked the original as well as it conjured up images of Merlin.

Personally I'm prettey satisfied with SC, my main complaint has always been that it had the capabilities of being much better than it is now, but that's true of everything. Won't bother rehashing those things as they fill entire existing threads and there's no point, Hubert either has or hasn't put those things into the second version. I'm sure he's taken care of all the issues -- he's a perfectionist.

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[QB] And listening to Mahler, of course. ;)

yea. His 5th 4th moment (shiver)

Problem with search engine is that you get so many search hit. And by narrowing the seach you might miss the topic. It get very much to read

and that is why i misses old postings I agree that reading sticky first and read as much as you can first.

So my last posting i asked if the topic has been discussed. NOone answer yes or now. So there you are post or not post.....


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Sorry to hear that happened, I tried to find it but it must be farther back than the second page now -- usually I don't offer an opinion on these things because I'd rather wait to read what the really good players have to say, everyone is better off that way.

Yeah, the good old Adagietto movement. At it's premier Mahler felt it was that movement the audience really warmed up to. It's unfortunate it keeps getting played out of context, but it really is a fine piece all by itself.

Our friend J.P. Wagner is a fine scholar and enthusiast of Gustav Mahler. A while back I pretty much only listened to the first and second symphonies and JP got me back into listening to all of them again, even that crazy Cooke version of the completed Tenth.

I especially enjoy a lot of Mahler's songs, the collections: Des Knaben Wunderhorn, Song of the Wayfarer, Klagende Lied and even the slightly depressing Kindertotenlieder are all favorites of mine -- I was holding this as part of an answer to your favorite vocalist question at Sarge's site. Sorry it's taking me so long but I've got to start with Patsy Kline and work my way through to Caruso. :D

Hopefully Mr. JP Wagner will visit our music threads at Sarge's someday, I'm sure he'll enjoy them -- Hey JP, that's an invitation! :D

Here's the Link:

< Classical Composer's Thread at Sarge's Website >

[ April 03, 2004, 02:11 AM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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Hey JJ, thanks for reminding me of the Sarge's forum...will get there and register....as Easter comes upon us I have the following listening schedule this week which has become a ritual for me for over 20 years:

Bach: St. Matthews Passion - St. Johns Passion - Mass in B Minor - Easter Oratorio

Liszt: Christus

Elgar: The Apostles - The Kingdom

Wagner: I used to go to the MET every Good

Friday to see Parsifal. Now I watch it

every Good Friday evening. I have the

Baremboim and Levine versions to choose


Mahler: The Saturday before Easter I always

watch a video I have of Bernstein's

Vienna Sym. version of Mahler's

Resurrection Symphony...prior to

having the video, I would always make

certain that I listen to the Bruno

Walter version (which I still do during

this week).

In my opinion, no religious zealot or organization can move me to belief or a sence of spiritual calm, than these glorious pieces of music can....the true meaning of peace, love, and eternity can be found in music such as the examples I cited and not in some pew.....

Sorry if I force the moderators to shove this in the GDF...but for those of all faiths, have a safe and meaningful Passover or Easter..... smile.gif

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I could never get that organized -- fantastic linup!

Lately instead of buying my favoirites I've been trying to fill in gaps. Discovered I didn't have Beethoven's Triple Concerto or his Choral Fantasy and bought the -- luckily they each came coupled with excellent recordings of the Emperor Concerto ... it would have been better if I'd found them with different pieces and something I did't already have but at least the couple recordings are excellent (Brendle w Concertgebeow & Heitink -- Gilels w Cleveland and Szell; which is good because I've also got Szell's recording with Fleischer and the two interpretations are different.)

After seeing The Pianist I've been getting into Chopin again and also bought his non-concerto orchestral/piano works.

On the harddrive things are a mess, the otherday Bach's Well Tempered Clavier led directly into Benny Goodman's Sing-Sing-Sing, but that's okay, I have a feeling they've been up there having jam sessions for twenty years now.

Looking forward to reading your stuff at Sarge's -- and over here of course, I envy all that great listening you've got lined up -- I'm weak on the Bach choral works, my next project. ;)

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