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PBEM League Play/Information


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This special thread has being set up for the "PBEM League". The purpose of this thread is to:

- provide information on the 'PBEM League'

- provide general information for people new to the game who want to find PBEM opponents

- provide updated contact information on those that are in the 'PBEM League'

- provide win/loss records

Please do not use this thread as a general discussion area. Instead, let's keep this thread limited to basic, important information for PBEM players.

If you are interested in joining a PBEM ladder, Curry has formed a new league for PBEM players of SC. You can find it at:


Some notes by Curry:

- Check out the houserules. It is meant to be simple. Players can set their own houserules for their match. If no houserules are set then anything the game allows is permitted.

- Reloads - Check under houserules for this. I will act as the league administer and will make a ruling on any disputes of this nature.

- This leauge is meant to be a means for PBEM players to record wins and losses. It will also have the secondary effect of providing players games with a competitve flair for those that desire that. We will see if it takes off is used by SC PBEM players or not.

- This now gives PBEM players the same type of league and opportunity for recording wins and losses, and for more competition, that the ICP players have and use. I hope that it does not turn into "I only play the game to win" attitude. But that the overall purpose of this is to provide more "fun" for playing SC for the purpose of fun and enjoyment of the game.

- If after a week your opponent has not responded to your latest turn, you can notify Curry or kurt88. They will then send the non-complying player a warning that if he does not send his turn within 3 more days, he will have to report the game as a loss. If this does not happen the admins then could decide to remove him from the league. This rule is only valid if players did not make prior arrangements (players can move at an pace that they want).

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A list of people that want to play Strategic Command by email has been put together. That list, giving their Forum user name and email address, is provided in this thread. There is also a win/loss record for these players so that players can get a feel for who the better players are. The focus of this PBEM group is on fun, so that win/loss record is meant to help you find players at your own level rather than to foster a competitive environment.

As noted already, the focus of this group is on fun and keeping things flexible. Flexibility is the watchword for this group. Feel free to use any house rules or campaign that you would like ... as long as your opponent agrees. Variety is the spice of life, so feel free to add a little spice to these games.

You should also feel free to move at your own pace with these games. Some of you are busy with other games and some are just plain busy. Start your games when you can and move forward with them at whatever pace you prefer.

Also, don't cheat! This is an honor system, and your opponents will be trusting you to play fair and square. For those new to PBEM, please note that when you select a PBEM file to open it will indicate the number of reloads. This indicates how many times a move has been replayed by your opponent. The number should be zero. If it is more than that, then you are encouraged to get clarify from your opponent as to why a move was replayed. Also remember that you should play a move only once. If it doesn't go as you would have liked or if there are some unpleasant surprises DON'T play the move over again. Instead, accept that it is all part of the game and do what you can to overcome the challenges."

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PBEM Player List

Here is the current (as of Mar. 15, 2004) list of people that want to play games by PBEM, providing their Forum user name and their email address. It is in alphabetical order. If you are looking for a PBEM game of SC, these are the people to contact. If you want to be added to the list, contact me at: reid@pacific.net.sg

Agamemnon : diggles@comcast.net

Amona : kliomene@gmx.de

Archibald : archibald@blueyonder.co.uk

Bill101 : Bill.run@ntlworld.com

boninza : jubel@freenet.de

Cheesehead : applehammond@juno.com

Curry : currycook@aol.com

disorder : joewells@dailypost.com

Dragonflame : allies@web.de

Edwin P. : edwin@kensai.net

ElGascon: ElGascon@ivimposto.com

Flatus : wbotsford@cinci.rr.com

Greg from France : acgreg@yahoo.com

Hueristic : Hueristic9@yahoo.com

Iron Ranger : pjflanag@aol.com

James Mason : jimmy@cowboy.net

JerseyJohn : johnofjersey@aol.com

Jordy : mfjordan7578@hotmail.com

Kantabricus: peruilmalu@hotmail.com

KDG : grashoff@pacbell.net

kenfedoroff : kenfedoroff@comcast.net

kurt88 : kurt_vanlooy@hotmail.com

macnab : PgDwsn@aol.com

Maytar : sean@3leaf.com

mpacc : mitchpacconi@msn.com

nanope : durape@yahoo.es

Nomada_DAK : bpin@ozu.es

Oak : reid@pacific.net.sg

Paqman : mpaq74@hotmail.com

Panzer39 : transam00@cox.net

poots : lvanloon@shaw.ca

Rannug : gunnar.elgenstrom@utb.boras.se

Reepicheep : philip.nelson6@verizon.net

Rol : rtink@juno.com

SeaMonkey : bradtap@aol.com

Shaka of Carthage : bwl@runbox.com

Sidius : chsideri@anco.gr

Spitfire Mk V : timreissmann@web.de

Tannenberg : gromitmail@aol.com

TheBlackDouglas : davidcross@charter.net

Thoranaga : thoranaga@t-online.de

Tigleth Pilisar : tigleth.pilisar@shaw.ca

Tolwin : vzeis@rhein-neckar.netsurf.de

Valheru : valheruorden@insightbb.com

VonPaulus : Paulj_199@hotmail.com

Wan : aow_wan@malmo.bonet.se

Wehrmacht : Kani@jippii.fi

xediel : eldapone@yahoo.com

xwormwood : xwormwood@t-online.de

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1) I have a record of the games played and who won. I just haven't had the time to turn it into a win/loss record.

2) Let's keep this thread limited to important stuff so that players don't have to wade through trivia to get to the stuff they want.

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