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An alternate way of assigning R&D chits

Iron Ranger

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It would be interesting if you could only invest in each technology after a certian date. Example once the calander read 1943 you could then put R&D chit in Subs,untill then you remained at your historical starting level.

My list of 'calander dates'

1939 - Rockets, GR

1940 - HT, Subs

1941 - AA, Sonar

1942 - Jets, IT

1943 - AT, LR

1944 - HB

More then likly a meanless subject. But you might see the game progress in more of a histroical directon. However it might make games unbalanced, or cause 'temtation' as players put chits in R&D alittle early and hope for some'hidden' advances. Just an idea, it would have to be done using a House Rule (HR) and as we know those smell bad to most people (including me, though I'm using them now).

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