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Where is all the white womens?


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A line from Blazing Saddles.

I knew if I lead off with this line you would look at this e-mail.

So, this site is getting too additive, it usually starts off with some concept like, The German Army Units needs SS Corps that kick everyones butts. Even 3R had black counters that represented the 1SS Div, or the HG Div. Not a bad idea however. But that's not the reason for this message! The reason for this subject is how each message starts out with some concept that we all think we know so much about because we've read a few books on WW2. Then a couple of internet guru's get sidetracked and start having internet mental sex, patting each other on their backs!

Ofcource we all read this Sh_t because it is so intresting, and get caught up in their fantasy.

So the answer is...Duty, Honor, Country, something Walther Model, Alfred Jodl, Sepp Dietrich or Gerd von Rundstedt didn't have a clue of. (I know your not suppose to end a sentence with a preposition but it just sounded right! Do you also have a dictionary next to your computer?)

Thanks fellow gamesmen.


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Then a couple of internet guru's get sidetracked and start having internet mental sex, patting each other on their backs!

That's a CLASSIC, nice take, rack 'em!

That's exactly what the German Worshippers were all about when I began "Forum Busting"

Well, Team-USA & Team-Rambo are the best SC-players in the World.

"You're either for Us or against Us" -George W. Bush.

Quotable quotes: Legend, WorldBeater, HeadCracker, Warm & Fuzzy, Crowd Favorite, "I ain't the AI", Forum Buster, Captain of Team-USA, "nice take, rack 'em", The Professional, SC-ICON, Know your Role, ....

Lets add,

American IDOL & Johnny Van Smack

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Greg rules!

12 O'clock High --- One of America's best bomber pilots starts to think about life.

Synopsis: Critically acclaimed classic about WWII bomber squadron and its commanding officers. Emotionally complex characterizations appeal to drama buffs. War drama fans love this for its brilliantly photographed battle scenes.


The Omen --- Greg's kid is 666-Damien


To Kill a Mockingbird --- Family movie, down in the South. Good messages.



There's one he plays a soldier returning back to the States & has flashbacks.

If you want to add pictures, click on "IMAGE", it will give you a pop-up window. Then put the address of the picture wherever it resides in cyberspace. How do you do that?

1) Get the pop-up box ready

2) In another Explorer window find your pic.

3) Right click on the picture

4) Choose "Properties"

5) There you find the address necessary

6) Copy & paste address into the pop-up window

That's it!

Keep track of the number of "nice take, rack 'em" for the award cermony.

Everybody get racked. The "internet petting" & for Greg.

Rambo >>>>>> Born in the U.S.A., Born Again too.

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What you did with the Title of this place reminds me of the old pulp science fiction magazines. They'd have one picture and it would be on the cover. Usually it was a scantilly clad damsel in distress being chased by a space beast or something. Twelve year olds would shell out their precious quarters then wear out the ultrathin pages getting nothing for their money except some Issac Asimov and Robert Heinlein, but not a single fleeing damsel anywhere.

Agreed with the Rambo Man about Gregory Peck, he was one of the Greatest. A real actor instead of being just a star.

My thanks to General Billote for allowing me to post his discovery, this pic of a very warm white woman indeed!

Like most Frenchmen you have an excellent eye for the opposite sex.


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