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A glorious day in SC history remembered......

Comrade Trapp

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On this day in 2002, Comrade Trapp became a member of Battlefront.com and made his first post on the SC forum.

And what was my first post your all wondering?

well..... redface.gif

Posted by Comrade Trapp - December 19, 2002 11:40 PM

I know this is a stupied question but how do you join or host a multiplayer game? If someone could help me out I would appreacite it.

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Now, I'm sure your all shocked to find out that I was once actually a newbie myself, but unfortunately, its true.

But surely that can be forgotten. ;)

Anyway, I joined just in time to witness the Christmas From Hell of 2002 and soon after, the glory days of SC.

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