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What is an HQ in SC (Long)

Iron Ranger

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Several threads have asked questions on what HQs are and desires to change some aspect of thier atributies. I thought I'd jot down my thought on them and perhaps this will help some of the newer players.

In theroy what HQs are:

These units are the C&C center of an army group and the huge supply tail of all the combat units that are attached to that HQ unit. They are full of R.E.M.F. (not combat troops), they have supply dumps of fuel, water, ammo ect.. Lots of 'soft' trucks to move this gear. Lots of communication equipment, 'true' hospitals, training facititys, entertaiment facitiys ect... They are the one unit that could be severally damaged by air attacks (sorry gazza) and require skilled solders to effectivly operate.

In SC what they are / do:

HQs are slow (action point 2) - all those huge supply dumps are hard to move.

HQs act as a 5 factor city - Those huge supply dumps can provide some assistance to alot of units over a limited distance. You can also link friendly HQs back to a city (range 2(?)).

HQs have a range of 5 for providing support to a max of 5 units - Have to set the limit somewhere and this gives you enough units to use a 'combined' arms approtch.

HQs are easy to destroy - those REMF run and scatter real fast and fuel dumps will blow up with only a few well placed bombs

HQs are only as good at the man at the top - The Germans had the most effective officer training at the time and it shows with all their HQs being good and some great.

A boring read but the bottom line is I think they are close to historical. Expensive, slow, easy to disrupt. I'm not saying that they can't be improved but they are not combat units and should be gaurded above all else, ie not put right behind the lines or on the line (normally).

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It might make some sense to consider splitting the HQ functions in SC2. There is the combat service support role (logistics) which should be able to provide supply to all friendly units within 5 hexes, and for this role it makes sense to keep the HQ farther back from the front lines because supply depots are vulnerable. There is also the command and control role (command rating and combat morale bonus) which only provides a benefit for 5 units attached to its command, and for this role it makes sense to keep the combat HQ up close to the units fighting at the front. It is these conflicting roles that causes a lot of frustration.

Making two separate HQ units in SC2 would clog the board. An ideal solution previously suggested many times would be to allow players to designate the command links for each HQ, and be able to select which 5 units within 5 hexes receive the leadership bonus each turn. The current automated system could be retained as a default, or replaced with something smarter so players could expect reasonable links without needing to change them all each turn. An option could allow links to be "locked in" so you keep organizations intact until you change them again.

This would then allow HQs to remain farther back for their protection and still permit their leadership bonus to extend forward where it's needed.

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i would like the command and control role (battles) to be attached to ONE unit but influencing 5.

That means manstein could be on the same square as a corps or even a tank. The hq should NOT take any damage.

So for instance, if manstein was commanding a tank in Russia, if that tank is destroyed manstein is transferred to the nearest axis unit and take command there instead. If there are no units (the tank is alone and surrounded) Manstein is transferred to one of germanys home cities i.e he must be operated next turn into russia.

With this rule an HQ is only moved when its unit is moved or when the HQ is directed (operated) to another unit. The operate should ofcourse cost some MPP.

No worries about enemies trying to sneak in a tank and attack your HQ and no huge advantages of having 4-5 air units pounding on a defenceless HQ.

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Good points guys, I just wish that the HQ would be alittle stronger. What I mean is supply more units (5 full armies, or ten corps), and reach out to 7 hexes, and be supplies much farther from a city, maybe 8 hexes.

But HQ's should not be able to be a frontline unit like they can be now. Supply troops, Cooks and USO girls could not stand up to Wehrmacht Battalions.

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I like your idea wolf, each HQ can supply X combat 'factors' (this would be much more complex and require alot of code or human control of units under camand). The strength and distance should be factored into tech - one extra hex of distance for each advance in Ind (improved trucks / logistic support) - one extra strength for each increass in AA.

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