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AAR, ISCL: Cosmin (Axis) vs Zappsweden (Allies).


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  • 2 weeks later...

december 1941, barbie starts (a very sucky one) - without spain is difficult ;)

some armies killed/encircled, 1 cruiser sunk, 1 AF destroyed, 2 tanks damaged, Iraq attacked by italians, greece by minor axis armies

some 2-3 turns ago, ireland was conquered by allies

man ... this will be a hard one...axis ain't in a very cool position ;)

among other things, gerries got jet 2, AT 2, LR 1 and spaghettis got AT 1

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portugal dowed, lisbon defender killed - no troops to occupy since they are scattered all over spain tongue.gif

gibraltar captured by a panzer unit since the rock was defended by a spanish unit, after surrender it was empty

russia is up to something - t34 showed up in front of german defensive line - one t34 reduced to str 2

usa shows jets 3

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zapp and I decided to end this one in a draw

he can't break the eastern front - there were huge battles in the east with heinous losses - gerries could refit all units but only that (i guess reds could do only the same)

western allies were quite weak to launch a powerful D-day (although they had the jet upperhand)

gerries and italians were still to weak to crush either the reds or the allies;

So it would have taken a lot of time to settle this one - Zapp was too bored to play anymore and I wasn't going to play 5 more hours only to see who gets the coolest techs ;)

Anyway, I was pleased to bring equilibrium into the game after my obscenely weak france campaign.

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yes , i agree.

But this game surely had a winner, only we were too bored to find out who that might be ;)

Zapp invested heavily in tech for russians/allies at the cost of having fewer troops thus lacking the punch to break axis anywhere in Europe.

Germany had the worst France campaign ever imagined (zapp used RAFs early in the battle for France , leading to a huge MPP drain for axis) - axis got france in autumn 40 ;)

Not to mention axis did not have spain prior to barbarossa - u can imagine they were kinda low on budget...

So by the time we decided to a draw, Germany was on defence in the east and in the west was quite quiet. Almost impervious to allied air due to lvl 2 AA but being constantly mpp drained in the east due to an attrition war.

Tech race: Germany : jets 2, LR 1, AT 2, AA 2

Italy AT2

UK jets 3 (LR 1 - not sure if greater)

US jets 3

Russia AT 2, Jets 2

It would have taken a lot of hours for one of us to get the upper hand.

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