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Hellraiser vs Terif - old game resumed :P


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turn 4

FBH captured ...

allies play corps dumping

german army counterattacked to 4 near the elbow hex

turn 5

second army down to 4

allied fleet approaching london area

march 40

allies leave one hex empty in fron of paris - axis sneak a tank who gets 'surprised' by paris garrison (probably tried to force italy in)

allies counter and kill the tank and an army on the coast

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april 40

uk BBs maul the elbow hex army down to 3

french BB scores against a LF smile.gif

May 12

allies counter and kill another army

allies forces almost pocket 5 axis units in front of paris

May 2x

Italy joins

June 23

France surrenders

ireland will be occupied the next turn

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Good game from Hellraiser so far. Especially his french defence was very good...and I advanced too uncautiously :D . The loss of the 3 german units (2 armies+tank) was not necessary. Not moving the tank directly to Paris would have saved 2 of them and the last one attacked with str 4 near the Ardennes but the french corps survived at str 1 and together with 2 other units did a kamikaze attack and killed it. But after the fast advance Germany took some risks and so Hellraiser took his chance smile.gif .

France fell June 16, 1941, 3(?)UK corps escaped and the 2 french med units.

After France standard minor collecting (Skandinavia, Vichy, Spain), Egypt conquered without the use of AFs (HQ was there but after UK operated home Germany didn´t send air).

At Norway a UK battleship took an AF hit and a carrier intercepted. No other battles so far except a little battle this turn outside Brest - transport attacked by AF+airbattle.

Both sides no tech it seems, low tech game...but now Germany is approaching 10 research chits so sooner or later... ;)

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unfortunately it wasn't possible for me to be online to continue the game - my internet connection was down for almost half a day :(

terif described very well what happened - france was ok for both of us (for him , quite early capturing of paris, for me , his loss of 3 heavy pieces)

the 'quiet' period was indeed quiet - very few actions - UK invested 6 chits quite fast and that meant Mony was bought a bit late and RAF was unable to play a major role; no techs so far for UK and I didn't notice techs for Axis as well.

I decided not to capture Bergen this game - no target practice for LFs in Norway. Brest garrison was wiped out pretty soon after France had fallen.

Maybe a bit too cautios game from my part.

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Yep, low tech game - 10 german research chits and also no techs so far. Only Italy got an advance with its lonely chit :D .

After the battle at Brest (4 german AFs vs 3 UK + 3 carriers) everything is quiet - with Yugoslavia all minors before Barbarossa collected. Preparing for Russia...USA in the war.

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November 16, 1941:

Barbarossa starts with the cutting off or destruction of all 9 border armies, both tanks and an AF. Since Germany still is at Jets 0 and LR 0 they coulnd´t reach the other 2 AFs.

9 german armies, 5 tanks and several corps enter Russia, supported by 7 AFs.

Iraq surrenders, Portugal (defender destroyed) and Greece (capital occupied) will follow next turn.

In France Axis set up a corps defence, supported by some AFs in the mountains so Allies can´t kill them.

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