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AAR: A Zapp-Dragon affair, Best out of 7. Game #4: Dragon (Axis), Zapp (Allies)


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March 1940:

Italy joined. Luftwaffe killed last turn. I have killed sub plus cruiser in the Baltic. Remaining cruiser limps away at strength 2 and gets triple attacked in port suffering only 2->1. I had expected enemy loss THREE combined on those 3 attacks.

Very strange game so far, will it go the distance???

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September 1940:

Paris fell.

Allies show up near gibraltar and kill one Italian BB (carriers) plus put transport outside gibraltar.

Normally, this would mean Allied advantage but name anything that was normal in this game?


Paris fell September 1940.

Most Axis ground units were badly damaged.

Allies lost some ships, Axis lost sub plus cruiser in Baltic (plus last cruiser badly beaten up).

Italy started very early, took suez early, took Malta early, took gibraltar early.

Allies saved no units from France.

Axis lost luftwaffe in France.

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January 1941:

Axis take norway.

Axis scratches one of my ships just east of Gibraltar, ofcourse I sank it with my counter.

Axis dow Vichy, takes algeria... FAILS Marseilles. Vichy navy sail towards Sicily, encounters a weak Italian BB and sink it. Yippii!

Dragonhearts LAST TURN received the honourable rating: "What a clown! tongue.gif "

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August 1941:

Barbarossa kickoff. Germany has a ****load of tanks. Russia also buy a ****load of tanks.

Allies took Paris in the west. This game I will not overbuy US air, instead buy more armies for quick punch towards German soil.

Jet tech:

Germany L1



Russia secret

Jet numbers:

Germany 7

UK 3+3 (air+carriers)

Russia 2


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