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how to invade competent france?


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Me and my Dad been playing this game since it came out. We've played from both sides many times and won from both sides. Now we seem to have developed a strategy by which the axis player can no longer win.

Basically, the UK and France keep every air unit they have in france, and keep them supplied and reinforced. Since the axis player can only attack a unit from 2 sides, at best 3, they must use air units to break out. Even when investing all they have in new airgroups they don't have enough to get the job done. Since we've learned this, neither of us can come close to breaking through French lines and the games are WWI games now.

I've blitzed denmark and norway for cash, built airunits, but Dad still has more than I do and there's no way I'll break through to France. Our last 8 games have been this way, w/ me and Dad both trying all we can think to try as the Axis, but the Axis simply cannot break through this defensive strategy.

So what's the deal? Anyone have a brilliant idea?

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This is a bit difficult to explain. Best would be to go to the opponent finder forum and play against an experienced player. Then you will see, it is no big problem to break through in France.

But its a matter of experience: you can kill every new player and a lot of intermediate ones with a strong french defence, but not a veteran if he is prepared.

Some guidelines:

- Be fast in Poland and LC. Usually Poland falls turn 3 or 4, LC turn 2 (turn 1: operate/move 1 army, 1 tank, 3 AFs + Hq west). LC should fall latest in turn 3 or Germany has a problem if Allies do the LC gambit...

- Together with the Denmark plunder you can buy 2 AFs (Allied LC gambit) or 1 AF + HQ (Germany conquers LC).

- Germany has 4 AFs, UK only 2 + 2 carriers. The carriers have only 1-2 shots until they are heavily damaged and not able to attack any more (and they are very expensive to reinforce ;) )

- If Allies use the french airfleet, be happy and force it to intercept. Without Hq this is very expensive for France and their ground forces are cannon fodder without Hq anyway.

- Only use your air if you can finish off an enemy unit with them or force a carrier to intercept/attacking them directly.

- stay away from the water, german units hates it to be bombarded by UK navy :D .

- first take the hex northwest of the Ardennes forest, then the Ardennes. Then you can choose which way to go: either directly towards Paris, or if the opponent is strong: move south, take the french mine and cut off Maginot. Then you have a broad front to attack with your land units.

- if Allies can do the LC gambit, then Italy will join and if necessary you can also use the way from the south: attacking through Italy without opposing UK air/carriers. Allies have only a very very small chance to stop an experienced and prepared Axis player in France.


Play against someone who knows how to break through and you will learn how to do it very soon smile.gif .

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I noted that I have a lot of experience w/ the game. I've lost from both sides and won from both sides many times. I was hoping someone could post a radical new strategy I have not yet tried.

Poland will fall in 2 turns. Denmark and norway very quicky so long as I make his fleet chase my atlantic subs long enough. After that it gives the Germans approx 180 beans per turn to reinforce 6 airfleets and that's not enough to do the job. Dad always does the gambit and will have his french af backed by hq. malta af is moved to france, added to 2 carriers gives Dad air superiority. Bottom line - he always has as many airfleets as I do, if not, I will have only ONE more than him. Attacking cross river there is no way to break through.

I'll play someone of very high experience and I'd like to see them break through my French defense. I honestly don't think it can be done, but I'd like to see it so me and Dad can break the constant trench warfare we now encounter.

Next I will try to gain a tech advantage over Dad, but of course that's not very likely to happen in the early game.

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Hi SixthArmy,

It seems it is because you go for Norway first (the historical way). But its better to conquer France before Norway.

If you go to Norway before France, then you are right: Allies have enough time to build up their forces and Germany will have a very tough time getting to Paris. Dont forget: Allies get nearly twice as much mpp/turn as Germany, so time is the key. Germany has only a small time window to get Paris before Allies outproduce them.

If you do Norway first and Allies do the LC gambit, it can be too late to come through the enemy defence lines and you will probably loose. Therefore change your strategy and leave Norway neutral until the France conquest is over.

If you want you can play vs me. My e-mail is in the profile. I have some time in the next days for TCP. Just say a time when to play (basis is forum time=US east time) or we can also start a PBEM game smile.gif .

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Sixth - are you invading the LC on turn 2?

If your Dad is doing the LC then go to Terif's advice which is posted on how to beat the Dutch Gambit. His advice works for I have tried it out. You can make an ally player pay for pulling the Ductch Gambit. Yes it will take longer to get through France, but the USA will enter much much later.

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Indeed, LC Gambit can make it really 'hard' for an Axis to win. The plunder and extra time and entrenchment give the Allies a chance to mount a good defensive. Against most top players I would suggest taking it out for Germany no matter what.

Some sideline notes for newbies breaking through the French lines. After you operate over your main forces and have a good amount airfleets and even an extra HQ. say 6 airfleets and 3 HQs... Make certian if you can't afford your extra HQ that you're forces in LC are managed by a General cause that will give them a much better readiness and batting average, as well as your airfleets away in Germany! If you buy extra airfleets instead of a HQ, do away with the French Armies fast...

Most of the time if you can use 2-3 units to crack Ardenne with 3-4 airfleets. even a 5th you will most definitely crack it..fill the hole in with a corp and proceed again to the next french protector.

Some say don't overrun your supply into France and smash up the Allies as fast as possible at the possible cost of an airfleet or ground unit. Though I sometimes disagree.<if you capture France earlier and Italy comes in earlier the extra MPP will be earned in time> If it's taking too long, take as much of France as possible and focus on Paris. It's all you really need and it's all over and with the Italians comming in make sure to scan the med for open ports if they're not mounting some sort of Kill Italian Fleet Op

that'll cut off the MPPs bigtime for the French

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