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Zapp vs Hellraiser - rematch


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Turn 1

No polish breakthru - after panzer hits for 4, army for 3, army for 2 :D

german corps finish the polish army

Rundstedt + stuff opp-ed near LC

Subs'a'raidin' for big cash - Zapp is disgusted about the shape of the UK treasury smile.gif

Allies DoW Ireland

Turn 2

Axis capture LC - RAF intercepts from London - why am I not surprised smile.gif

Denmark survives at str 1

French disbanded some ships, according to the report

Allied AFs (UK and FAF) attack brussels port to force intercepts

Subs found

Allies use BB+2 carriers and pound IRA down to 2!!! Man!!!

Turn 3

Denmark and Poland join the greys

Subs hit a french BB down to 1

Ireland reinforced

Turn 4

Manstein arrived

Last sub suicided

4th LF bought

canadian army near irish shores

Turn 5

Axis take the forest hex-tank+army+2 LFs against a corps; the other 2 LFs hit the paris 6str army which retreated previously form the forest hex

FAF opped somewhere else; only 1 raf intercepted this turn, LFs avoiding unnecessary intercepts

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Originally posted by Kuniworth:

this match seem kinda gay(gay=happy)

Puni. You are a politican. Don't try to neutralise the "gay" word by overusing it and writing gay=happy. Don't spread your socialistic normless political correct view, no one will listen here.

A gay is a fag, man. Understood? :cool:

Nicholson: Are We Clear?

Cruise: Yes

Nicholson: I Said, ARE WE CLEAR?

Cruise: Crystal

(A Few Good Men)

[ May 21, 2005, 06:33 AM: Message edited by: zappsweden ]

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Game resumed

August - allies get brest - no corps opped there by me since raf plus carrier were expecting it i think smile.gif

last turn of august - oslo captured, norway surrenders

incredible stupid move - axis dow vichy but italian BB instead of hitting algiers corps, hit the vichy BB - mouse slipped :(

It can happen only to me ...

german cruiser hit a corps in a boat just outside brussels

axis capture suez

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Big battles outside LC. Allies (air+carriers)attack first Paris (tank in Paris) and get intercepted then next turn switch to attacking Axis navy that appeared near LC. Also interceptions. Half of Luftwaffe were in southern France retaking Bordeaux.

Half of Luftwaffe were in Sicily, but they operated back north again.

Axis loses alot of navy north.

Allies backed off in the Med. Allies sank a Italian sub but lost a ship.

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heavy battles near brussels - allies use all their air+carriers + some battleships - 1 german cruiser sunk, sub sunk - second cruiser in brussels...axis recapture bordeaux, killing the uk corps there

axis dow sweden

baltic fleet destroyed - the price for allies 2 carriers damaged (7,5) 1 UK BB sunk

december - Ro/Hu are axis

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