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Hubert Cater

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Hi everyone!

I think there was a little bit of a confusion with the original wording describing the scenarios for the game and just how long they last. This has been clarified on the product description page and contains the following updated content:

"There are 6 major campaigns to play from either the Allied or Axis side and each begins at a key moment in history and lasts until you achieve ultimate victory or surrender in devastating

defeat. Begin in 1939, on the eve of the German invasion of Poland or 1940 as the Axis turn their eyes toward the Low Countries and France. Launch Operation Barbarossa in 1941 in the East

or start in the summer of 1942 as the Germans aim to clear the Volga and capture Stalingrad and key resources in the South. Take command in 1943 during the Kursk offensive or prepare for

the Allied invasion of Fortress Europa in 1944.

Rewrite history by snatching complete victory early or fight to the bitter end throughout 1945 and beyond."

The actuall full length/time line of the game that will be possible from the existing campaigns as well as from custom made campaigns will be from January 1, 1939 to May 7th, 1946 (1 full year beyond the historical end of the war)

Hope that helps!


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Ah, that´s good to hear. smile.gif I, too was somewhat worried about the end-date ...

Btw. in CoS one could just ignore the end message and move on. After several turns it didn´t even show up anymore. Wouldn´t such A "loophole" be nice? smile.gif


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