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Is 1.03 working for anyone?


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I thought I'd ask around in the hope that the responses help Hubert isolate and fix the problem, be it memory leak or whatever. I'm posting here rather than the TS forum because of the wider audience that this forum gets (why go to the TS forum if your game works, eh?)

Anyway, for me, this is the situation. What's your experience with 1.03?

Since installing the 1.03 patch, the game hangs up or dumps me into windows. This is usually after half an hour to an hour of play (10 turns or so, sometimes less.

I have only one CD-ROM drive in my system, but do have 2 hard drives, C & D. Game is properly installed in default directory. No previous problems with 1.0 or 1.02. I am not using any previous saves, playing a game begun from scratch in 1.03.

On a couple of occasions, the game gives me a DOS style error message box which disappears too quickly for me to read.

If it helps, most lockups occur as I'm accessing unit icons to add reinforcements. On one occasion there was a video ghost image frozen on the screen of part of the popup box for the unit. That particular lockup froze my entire system. The other errors have been mostly sudden dumps out of the game, sometimes with the too-hurried error message.

BTW I'm running W98 updated, Matrox G400 card with 32 MB (or is it 64?).

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My problems were nearly exactly as you have described yours.

Also, on a couple occasions, when one unit attacked another, the small explosion indicator would sort of freeze on the attacked unit, finally fading away and the game would resume.

Another time, I accessed the War Map, and there was a map alright, but no menu choices, so I was stuck until Alt-Del.

Oh, I have two hard drives also, AND two CD-ROM drives. ME operating sytem, one year old computer that is well up to date, etc.

The main instances were when trying to reinforce, and this would happen after about 20 or so turns.

When I was kicked out (also an instantly disappearing message box), my desktop would be totally smeared and re-arranged.

However, when I re-booted and loaded the last turn, the game would resume with no apparent problems, until about 10-15 turns later.

Hope this can be of some help. smile.gif

Oh, I have ME operating system, and two hard drives and two CD-ROM drives. Computer is only one year old and well up to date in all respects.

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I played 1.03 about 2 hours last night and one hour this morning. The only problem I had was that after two hours the screen redraws suddenly got jerky, but that was after my virus scanner popped up and started an automated scan, so I attributed it to that. I'm running Windows XP.

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I am using the 1.03 patch. not sure if it is a new one (d/l on 8/17/02 3.00 pm pst)

It crashed my game after couple turn. then even after i restarted the computer, i was never able open the SC. ( i waited for 5 minutes, the cpu working, hardisk working, but the menu never showed). I tried couple times, and still no luck. Meanwhile the computer run very very slow. (my pent 3 looks like pent 1)

so i uninstalled the game, and then reinstall the original from cd. then the computer run good as before. is it Possible bug?

I am using Win XP with Pent 3 450 on laptop.

this was posted in the tech support forum as well.

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In addition to that, all program which is running on the background (icq, hotsync, msn instant msg and battree meter) cannot be close properly when i was restarted my computer after the game crash. this causing the computer unable to restart properly(i have to unplug the cable power in order to restart the computer). this happened twice after the sc game crash. and it dissapear after i reinstall sc to the original version from CD.

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