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WW-2 Movies, another Top-10 list by Rambo


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Customer Reviews

Commenting on Previous Review, July 20, 2002

Reviewer: Ensio N Mikkola (see more about me) from USA

Indeed! When the Soviet juggernaut attacked tiny Finland, democracy itself was under attack. And the United States and Britain stood by and pledged "moral support"! Shame, shame on us and all the reason to obtain this little known film and watch it with our heads hung low.

great movie, July 9, 2002

Reviewer: paul reithmayer from apache jct, az USA

for all people who are for gun control should watch this movie,had the finnish not had the civilan guard the russians would have run right over them.to this day all people from the age of 18 to 52 must serve and keep weapons as i understand it.it's also a time in our history were we should hang our heads in shame because we stood by when they asked our help and we refused.a great movie for a courages country.my deepest respect to the finnish.i also recommend reading the book The Winter War

A truly magnificent war film !!, June 10, 2002

Reviewer: Peter Viitanen from Honfleur, France

During the war, I lived 6 miles from the village from which this regiment left for the front. Totally authentic! Watch especially for the 'good bye' scene at the railway station to get a sense of the undemonstrative Finnish mind-set. This movie is comparable in impact to Saving Private Ryan -- at 1/100th of the production cost. A real gem!

Great!, April 28, 2002

Reviewer: Ensio N Mikkola (see more about me) from USA

This is the best and most realistic war movie ever made. Buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it NOW! Note: You will enjoy this movie more if you speak Finnish. The subtitles fail to capture all the nuances of the language. So if you speak Finnish buy this movie, now, buy it now. Add this to your shopping cart. Saving Private who?

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Best scene must be when the soliders from Nurmo try to recapture the chrurch hill and are grind down. Marti and the few remnants of the regiment then watch the russian counteroffensive down the hill. The 15-20 finns on the flank just watch absoulutely stunned when 3000-4000 men comes charging.

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Better believe it Nippy. This is the best description of world war 2 war you ever gonna see. There is no glamour, no love story, no bull****. This is the reality, describing a real regiment and it´s gruelsome experiences.

Finland has always produced hard and tough soldiers. Maybe because of the vast and unwelcoming country in which the people live. Through 17th and 18th century finnish troops(Finland belonged to Sweden until 1809) were known for their tenacity. Savolax, karelian and Tavaste-troops were ranked among the hardest in Europe.

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