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SC Xmas Flashpoint - Condor vs Zapp

Codename Condor

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Condor (axis) vs Zapp (allies)

Bid 300:3000

German troopers swarm thru Poland, they dont have a chance against the highly motivated elite armies. In 2 turns all Poland has turned grey.

Good news in the West front, the pathetic LC defense has been cracked, prisioners taken to a life imprisionment.


The insidous french troops advance towards the mainland grasping a german city in the progress, i just couldnt care less, retribution is gonna be high.

Ireland and Denmark are respectively being pinged by ships, both holds.

A quick French campaign is expected despite the heavy bid.


New orders has been given from HQs, no prisioners are gonna be taken in retaliation for the fallen german city. A new fate awaits those prisioners taken...


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Greece taken. Poland is Soviet, and i failed to take Manchester again, it was close but i didnt make it. Axis surrenders.

I didnt make the terrific France campaign i use to do most of the time: I coudnt kill his AF in london with 5 AFs attacks 2 times in France, i got 1 AF killed and he got 2 times 1 SP left, UL. My tank sacrifice didnt do any good cos Italy remained at 98%. Anyway, i was very close to get a succesful Sealion but Zapp is a top player and made a terrific defense.

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