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AAR Iron vs Rambo - HR game port - 2chits - %readiness bid

Iron Ranger

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Okay, a couple of Legends are going at it. Ranger & his rules, no problem.

1) Chits per category, max 2 --- I could careless.

2) Russian readiness bid --- no big deal, I'll lay the 18% instead of 5000+ MMPs.

3) Transports port+1 landing rule --- no problem, no weird missions & I'll beat ass on the ground or some other Legendary way.

Drinking brew & playing SC,


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Turn one: Axis Std move's with no sub raiding and one air used in poland

Allied: Poland set best defensive line that is can. Allied air moves forward to defend LC if attacked. Lots of allied naval movement.

Turn2: Std axis moves with Warsaw falling but not Poland. LC is attacked but holds out as French and UK air defends the capital.

Allied: UK BEF army lands and helps the French kill off the German corps just south of the capital. LC corps attack Geraman air. Denmark still holding but at str5. One German sub found be is excapes NW, entire UK fleet (?) chasing.

Turn3: Axis gets no kills as its fighting a 3 front war (LC, Poland, Denmark)

Allied: French Corps (srt1) insainly attacks german armor and destroys its self. Canadian army, UK army and French army reduce the advaced Germany Army to str 3. LC have become WW1 expect Germany now has 3 air units ready to attack, while the allied ones have withdrawn (?).

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April 14, 1940

Allies are only one hex from holding the River defence, but its costing them alot in units while the German army gain exp every turn. Two Axis armor have been destroyed and one corps vs 3 French armys and 4 corps (UK), all all minor units.

Both subs have been sunk and the UK navy is free to persue another goal. Germany picked up 2 more air so they now have 5 fighting on the western front vs 0 for UK and France.

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June 23, 1940

Allies insanly attack an exposed corps (st1) with both carriers and move one BBs into the coast of LC, the corps surives and the BB does little damage to a str4 army. Germanys couter is costly as all three ships go down. A sad day for UK.

I ended up need to use a damaged french army (forest hex) to get the kill, it was an easy kill for the army but I wanted to try and reiforce is and save the day. This mistake (insanity) is a back breaker and I don't think the allies will recover, I'll cointiue the game but it is unlikely that the allies can win now. One corps 125MPPs - 700 for each carrier 650 for the BBs, thats one hell of an exchange!

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July 21, 1940

UK pulls out of France, only 2 French corps are left with 6 German armys near or on the edge of Paris.

UK spy's have discovered that Italy will support Germany in this War and a premptive strike is ordered. The Southern city and port are invaded and the fleet destroyed by a combination of French and UK ships.

This has been an expensive game for UK, while delaying Germany it has cost her 2 Carriers, 1 BBs, 1 Army, ? on corps (6?) and all the Canadain units. Almost all due to two poor attacks in the LC reagion. Germany has lost 2 Armor, 3 corps, 1 Army, and several other units very damaged.

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Augest 30, 1940

Allies have left 2 corps to die (one already has) in Sicily. They failed to take the city and port in two attacks and have withdrawn. The city and port in southern Itlay was given up without a fight. UK still hold Brest and is waiting for the Axis next move while building her defence against Sealion. No other minors have been DOWed but 6 german air have been pounding on the FF army in London.

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Nov 24, 1940

Norway has been invaded and fallen, UK lands in Bremen and takes control of the port. The last UK corps is at str 2 in Sicily and keeping 2 corps and 2 BBs busy - she has sold her life for time to implement the Defence of Egypt and UK. Axis air now at L1 Jets and still sniping the FF army in London.

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March 12, 1941

Romania has join (Fed) and Sweden has been attack and lost her air force. One mine and the Captial are still allied.

Russian Readiness is at 74%. Italy looks ready to invade VF. UK continues to use FOW to hide her moves while and axis carrier has started pounding on London.

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July 1941 -

1) Barbarossa kicks off, all frontline Russian Armies are destoryed or surrounded except Odessya is left untouched.

2) Madrid is taken, but they don't surrender, Luftwaffe is in Southern France helping the cause.

3) Italians are down to only 2-ships, no subs.

Germans get Jets+2

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August 1941 -

1) Spain surrenders, but Allies still have Gibralter.

2) Axis DOW on Portugal, since the Italians have HQ & 4-ground units available to clear the path for the Germans to plunder.

3) Greece (Athens) is taken, but the Greeks do not surrender.

4) Yugoslavia still neutral.

5) Finland had joined, & the Russians invaded weakly. Germans force an intercept (+2 advantage) on the Russia air South of Lennigrad. One Russian ship sunk, other hiding in Lennigrad's port.

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Aug 1941

The Greeks are attacked but like all minor is this game they fight on after their capital is taken.

LC Retaken with a raiding force.

Portugal attacked but holding on.

USA joins.

Russia defending behind the first river line.

Finland loses two units

Iraq attacked and the oil fields taken.

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September 1941 -

1) Riga taken.

2) Russians donate Odessya & Kiev by backing off in the South.

3) Russian Army destroyed who was invading Finland.

4) Greece surrenders.

5) Portugal surrenders.

6) Allies take LC on a commando raid, I have 4-Luftwaffen in the neighborhood to clean that rebel mess up hopefully.

7) Allied Navy taking pot shots on Portugal.

8) Allies invade Iraq.

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1) Action in Finland as both sides pour more units into the area. Axis are sporting 3-carriers, 2-ships, 1-sub, & moving the ground units closer to the historic city of Lennigrad.

2) Allies continue to pick on Iraq, but haven't gotten enough punch to capture Saddam.

3) Gibralter, Brest, Brussells, & Bergen are still Allied. But I was able to clearout (kill) the UK commando corp who snaked the mine in France.

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Winter 41

Finland the main battlefield, both side throwing in all units they can.

German cleans out my raiders in Brest and LC. Allies still too weak to explote my landings.

Iraq falls, Irland DOWed.

Fighting in Gabralter, allies training ships there while Italy continues to train on Malta.

Low tech game

Russia Jets L1

Germany Jets L2

Other tech????

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1) 4-German carriers defend Finland with their new LR+1, also assistanting are 2-cruisers, taking some shorebombardment on the Red Army.

2) Allies hold Egypt, Iraq, Gibralter, & Bergen. The other commando Ranger Raiders are dead.

3) Allies have at least 3-ships helping to defend Gibralter against a 2nd rate Italian Army.

4) 2-Italian ships practice on Malta.

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