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AAR - Amona(Axis) vs JerseyJohn(Allies) in modified campaign


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21 May 1941


"Yes, Winston our fellow in Berlin confirms that they know we've got them en-route, but Gerry doesn't know their destination.

"We've also received word that the build-up along the Soviet border has increased once again. Word was passed along to Ivan, as you'd instructed before these latest transfers, but either Ivan doesn't believe us, is utterly indifferent, or is a total ass.

"The good news is we appear to be out of immediate danger of invasion. They'll be moving on Russia first. Then, gorged on eastern resources, primarily oil, the second stage will be turning back to the Atlantic. Naturally they'll make a move on the Middle East as well.

"That wraps it up, and a good thing as it's nearly lunch!"

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TURN 24a, JUNE 8, 1941

Entry levels: US 69%, USSR 69%

MPPs: UK 368 / Germany 794/ Italy 125

War Diary of OKW:

Preparations for Operation Barbarossa and other eventualities continue.

Intelligence reports still several UK transports at sea, destination unkown.

German General at the Headquarter of the Italian Forces reports:

Finally, Italian general staff has made a move on Malta.

The garrison (free french algerian corps), is bombarded by BBs Caio Duilio and Andrea Doria.

Subs still active too, for 10 MPPs worth.

Ministry for armament and ammunition reports:

478 MPP collected.

Italy collected 115 MPP.

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TURN 25a, JUNE 22, 1941

Entry levels: US 73%, USSR 70%

MPPs: UK 533/ Germany 533/ Italy 119

War Diary of OKW:

We are nearly ready to launch Barbarossa. Our forces advance to the border to deliver the first blow with full strength.

Weather conditions in Russia allow no further delays if we want to have time enough to advance deep to our operational targets.(see house rules)

Furthermore, the planned amphibious assault to take Riga in the first assault is abandoned, due to lack of transport tonnage (see house rules).

OB Southeast reports:

In the northern mountains of Yugoslavia, Partisans have formed and destroyed some railwaybridges. It XV corps and Hung I corps are sent to investigate and encounter a relatively strong formation of former yugoslav army soldiers and communist terrorists. In heavy fighting, the enemy is brought down in strength from about 5 brigades to 2.

German General at the Headquarter of the Italian Forces reports:

Bombardment of Malta continues. Complete italian surface fleet is operating around the island. No damage is done. Here at headquarters, noone is really surprised about that. Its good the island doesnt shoot back, General Warlimont joked last night at dinner.

Italian subs are still busy, sinking 10 MPP. Doenitz (B.d.U. - commander of submarine forces) is insisting that we ourselves restart the subwar in the Atlantic.

We dont have the resources available at present, so poor Doenitz must return to his paper shuffling.

Ministry for armament and ammunition reports:

482 MPP collected.

Italy collected 121 MPP (direct line from Tirana to Rome is responsible for this increase).

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TURN 26a, July 6, 1941

Entry levels: US 77%, USSR 84%

MPPs: UK 198 / Germany 592/ Italy 240

SPECIAL REPORT, The OKW announces:

In the early hours of today, russian planes crossed the eastern border of the Reich and tried to bomb east prussian cities. Furthermore, russian ground units engaged aggressively our border guards.

The Wehrmacht was fully ready for this assault and has responded in kind. The operations continue...

War Diary of OKW:

Operation Barbarossa has begun.

Army Group south advances towards Lemberg (not on map) and attacks Russian 5th and 6th armies, which are destroyed.

In a daring thrust, XIX and XVI Pz advance deep into the enemy rear and destroy 2nd Guards Tank Group west of Kiev. The Bolsheviks learn to their sorrow the power of our tank formations (heavy tank level 3).

Further south, an Italian army group, some Rumanian and Hungarian formations attached, destroy 26th Army and knock 18th Army northwest of Odessa down to 70% strength.

Army Group center destroys Russian 10th army and surround and hit hard 3rd and 11th army.

XXIV Pz and Luftwaffe units attack 1st Guards Tank Group west of Minsk and reduce it to 10% strength.

All operations are supported by the Luftwaffe. In the south, an Italian airfleet joins our forces for the drive on Odessa.

Fuhrer is very pleased with the initial stage of the operation. He is quoted as saying:

We only have to kick in the door, and the whole wrotten structure will fall apart.

It looks like he is right.

But there is an disturbing report from Fremde Heere Ost (intelligence branch concerned with eastern foreign forces) that USSR has about 1950 MPP ready for use.

This will be a very difficult operation. We cant afford to make any mistakes.

OB Southeast reports:

It. XV. corps finishes the Partisans in northwest Yugoslavia. No new uprising to report.

German General at the Headquarter of the Italian Forces reports:

Shelling of Malta and submarine raiding in the Med continued. Still no allied activity near Tobruk.

Ministry for armament and ammunition reports:

482 MPP collected.

Italy collected 123 MPP.

Ministry for Foreign affairs reports:

Due to Barbarossa, US war readiness has risen to 86%.

Order of Minister Goebbels to the PK-companies in the East, July 41:

"... so it is crucial, that in every movie made about the advance of our forces, tanks, vehicles and soldiers are always shown moving from left to right.

This is necessary to give the impression to the viewing Volksgenossen that our forces advance always East on the map, as East is right on a map. This is of the utmost psychological importance."

(This is a historical fact, I didnt make it up)

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Betrayed !!!

The Germans, who pretended to be friends of the Soviet People, have demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt that they cannot be trusted and their existence cannot be tolerated!

Citing an absurd excuse about nonexistent Soviet aircraft flying across their borders to deliver some pointless attack, the despicable fascists, who were already massed in the millions -- Germans, Italians, Hungarians, Romanians and Bulgarians! -- along the Soviet border, complete with scores of air fleets behind the lines, drove easily into the hinterland slaughtering Soviet troops who had no reason to expect an attack from their friends!


But their pathetic attempt at justification has fooled nobody. Within hours of the invasion, which came without formal declaration of war, the United States Ambassador in Moscow requested that a meeting in Washington be set up with a representive of the Soviet Union.

Foreign Minister Molotov arrived there as quickly as the fastest plane could carry him. We are pleased to say now that the meeting was a total success and American sentiment is running at fever pitch against the fascists (United States Prepares for War -- ~90%).


In the Mediteranean, Italian Battleships and cruisers continue their inept flailing against the Malta Garrison, but fail to reduce it.

A relief force passing through the Gibraltar Straights discovers a squadron of Italian submarines and goes quickly over to the attack, sinking several, but it is estimated that about a third survived the depth charges.


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TURN 27a , JULY 20, 1941

Entry: USA 90% (prepares for war)

MPPs: UK 361/ USSR 506/ Germany 526/ Italy 363

War Diary of OKW:


Army Group North/Center cleans the rear in destroying 11th and 3rd russian armies behind the frontlines near Konigsberg.

Around Minsk, three fresh russian armies are spotted.

2nd Minsk army west of the city is assaulted by XXXIX, III, XXIV Pz and L III and is destroyed.

XXXIX Pz recon spots 2 russian corps north of the Dvina river.

Two AK (corps) move into the undefended Prpijet marshes.

South of the Pripjet the enemy has build a massive line of armies down to Odessa.

Army Group South attacks at the weakest link, the already shaken 18th army between Odessa and Kiev.

XIV Pz, L I, 1st Regia Aero and IT. Ariete tank group smash the soviet formation.

In the gap we move XIX and XVI Pz and attack the XXIV sov. corps from the south, while 2nd army attacks up front.

Unfortunately, the enemy unit survives at 10% strength.

Our main forces advance towards Kiev.

Minor attacks by hungarian forces against Odessa.

Enemy situation:

9th army with 8 divisions in Odessa.

1st Odessa army north of the city.

Then the gap, with our tank forces broken through.

The XXIV corps at 1 brigade strength.

North two armies west of Kiev, one more army in Kiev itself.

Followed by the gap in the marshes.

One army in Minsk, one more north of the city.

Two corps (IV and XVI) north of the Dvina river.

Situation around Riga unknown.

We have to wait and see if the enemy follows a defensive strategy or if he will counterattack our advancing tank columns.


Nothing to report.

German General at the Headquarter of the Italian Forces reports:

Sub group 033 east of Gibraltar is attacked by superior english naval forces. After heavy losses, it manages to disengage and retreats.

Italian admiral staff is panicking and stops the opration against Malta. The italian fleet retreats hastily to home ports.

Another sub group still manages to sink 5 MPP of english merchant ships.

Ministry for armament and ammunition reports:

482 MPP collected.

Italy collected 125 MPP.



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Finland Declares War on USSR

How is the Soviet Union repaid for it's generous terms after the Winter War? With treachery, that's how! Mannerheim, a onetime Czarist officer, has gone back to his dragoon inclinations and joined those other backstabbers in Germany. Mother Russia neither forgives nor forgets!


In the Mediteranean the Italian fleet has withdrawn to safer waters, somewhere nearer Italy but which coast remains a mystery. Meanwhile, the Royal Navy has brought two fleets to bear on it, one from Gibraltar and the other from Alexandria, meeting at Malta.


The first Italian submarine squadron has again been located and this time finished off. A second squadron has been literally crashed into and attacked with losses to both sides.

But the formidable Italian Fleet is still on the loose and the Royal Navy readies itself for an possible counterattack.

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TURN 28a, August 3, 1941

Entry: US 100 %

MPP: UK 553 USSR 554 Germany 553 Italy 163

War Diary of OKW:


Armygroup South:

Combined attacks by italian, romanian, hungarian and german forces lead to the occupation of Odessa.

Further north, our tank groups encircle the russian group around Kiev, thereby destroying the 1st Odessa Army which counterattacked southwest of Dnjepr knee.

Infantry armies and airfleets finish a corps and one army of this group around Kiev, one more army takes heavy losses.

The Kiev garrison corps and the 3rd Kiev army are encircled by our forces and are looking forward to their destruction.

Two of our corps advance through the marshes. The 1st Kiev Army is spotted guarding the mine complex east of the marshes.

Army group North:

XXXI and XXI AK advance on Riga and encounter the 2nd Riga army. 6th army and a Pz corps join the assault, encircle the city and the Russian force is brought down to about 2 division strength.

Near Minsk, two of our Pz corps engage the 3rd Minsk army northwest of the city, causing heavy russian casualties, but failing to kill the enemy army completely.

From Minsk northwards and behind the Dvina river two corps and two armies of the enemy have taken defensive positions.

Finnish front: Finnish forces get into defensive positions. We are expecting a bolshevik onslaught here soon.


Nothing to report.

German General at the Headquarter of the Italian Forces reports:

Italian fleet engages English Med fleet east of Malta in concentrated effort.

Surprisingly, the Italians managed to sink BBs Warspite and Barham, and sink furthermore 8 cruisers of the Gloucester cruiser division.

Only two british cruisers remain in central Med.

But a second english force west of Malta is on the way, and may join the battle soon.

It remains to be seen if the Italians will take losses as good as they inflict them.

In North Africa, english forces attack Tobruk, causing minor Italian casualties. The Free French airfleet is spotted behind the attacking english ground units. We expect more attacks here soon.

Ministry for armament and ammunition reports:

497 MPP collected.

Italy collected 125 MPP.

Ministry for foreign affairs reports:

USA declared war on us.

Fuhrer is not disturbed. He is quoted as saying:

America has a word written really large, the word "bluff". I dont fear their forces. If they dare to land in the West, the Wehrmacht will smash them.

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August 1941



Admiral Cunningman continues with the plan to catch the Italian Navy between two fleets, despite the initial loss of most of the Eastern Mediteranean Squadron.

Ouside Tobruck, Britsh forces are built for up for the assault.

In the Baltic Soviet cruisers attack the German Battle Cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisnau, inflicting and receiving serious losses.

On the Russian Front, Marshal Vofishilov advises the Politboro that the Soviet people must be prepared to make extreme sacrifes before the final, inevitable victory over the treacherous Fascist invaders.

In the United States manufacturing plants begin filling with women to carry on the work of their men in uniform.

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TURN 29a, August 17,1941

MPPs: UK 231/ USSR 465/ US 180

Germany 550/ Italy 288

War Diary of OKW:


Finland: Fin. IV.corps advances to the Svir river, no resistance found, 14th sov.army gone.

Baltic Sea: Scharnhorst and Gneisenau battle groups engage Oktybryskaya Battle cruiser and escorts and sink it.

Army Group North: The sov. Riga garrison is defeated by units under command of Gen. Model. Riga and its port are occupied by our forces.

The three tank groups of AGr. North engage again the 3rd Minsk army north of the city, cutting it down to 2 division strength, but still not managing to destroy it.

The 14th army attacks the 1st Minsk army in the city itself, bringing it down to 8 division equivalents.

There is still a line of corps and armies of the enemy behind the Dvina river down to Minsk.

Army Group South: The Kiev garrison is smashed and the city taken by german and romanian units.

The main operation is the concentrated attack of our three tank groups here against the 1st Kiev army at the mine complex. Supported by Luftwaffe, our armored forces destroy the enemy formation and an AK takes the mine complex it defended. Our armored spearhead has outflanked the northern soviet forces and is now ready to advance north to Smolensk, to cut off the northern soviet group, or to charge south against Charkov, were enemy defense is much weaker. There is a huge gap in soviet lines between Smolensk and Charkov.

In Charkov itself, the 14th army from the finnish border is spotted.

The mines in the south are defended by corps. The italian army group is advancing on these targets, but has made no assaults as of yet.

Fremde Heere Ost reports the Red Army has now 17 ground formations available, of which 13 are in contact with our forces or at least spotted by them.

Partisans appear in the eastern part of the marshes.


Nothing new to report.

German General at the Headquarter of the Italian Forces reports:

Heavy attacks on the Italian navy by three english aircraft carriers and several battle and cruiser groups. But no Italian formation is lost, all are damaged heavily though.

Counterattacking, the Italians manage to sink the Gloucester cruiser division and the Resolution battle group, the Nelson battle group is reduced to 20% strength, with the Nelson ablaze and heavily damaged.

But there are still the three carriers around.

A free french corps is spotted in transport ships west of Tobruk.

The enemy is readying himself for a determined attack on Tobruk.

Recon units of Tobruk garrison report new weapons and tactics employed by english infantry (UK anti-tank level 1).

Ministry for armament and ammunition reports:

498 MPPs collected.

Italy collected 125 MPP.

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