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AAR - Amona(Axis) vs JerseyJohn(Allies) in modified campaign


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We play a modified campaign titled JeAm Weiss 39, JeAm for JErseyAMona.

Modifications to original Fall Weiss are as follows:

* free research chits:

UK 1/ USSR 6/ USA 10

*starting MPP additional:

UK 250 / USSR 1200

*Iraq allied with UK

* additional UK forces Middle East:

-Wavell HQ, Western Desert tank group, Palestinian corps.

* additional Royal Navy forces:

- BB Barham at Alexandria

- cruiser Exeter at St Johns, Canada

- cruiser Norfolk near Liverpool

* repositioning of german subs in Atlantic:

- 10 hexes farther south

Agreed on house rules as follows:

* no Allied DOW allowed prior to US-entry into the war.

* no Allied attack on Rome to force Italian surrender allowed prior to first turn of 1941.

* no invasion of US or Canada allowed until UK has surrendered to Axis.

* no ambhibious invasions allowed at turn of Axis DOW on Russia.

* Axis must start Barbarossa between first turn of May and last turn of August, in other turns a DOW on Russia is disallowed.

* Russian winter rule: Axis cant conduct ANY attacks during November-December-January turns of the first winter inside russian boundaries.

* disbanding units is forbidden throughout the game.

* limit on max. number of air units (air fleets and bombers combined) allowed in play at the same time:

- Germany 8, Italy 2

- UK 8, US 8, USSR 6, France 2

general rules:

*everything ON, war in siberia OFF

*all nations random

Details of first Axis turn to follow soon...

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TURN 1a, SEPTEMBER 3, 1939

entry levels: Italy 65%, US 0 %, USSR 30%

MPPs: Germany 120/ UK 405 / France 115

WarDiary of OKW:

Fall Weiss commences as planned. Two army groups under Bock and Rundstedt attack Polish forces at the border.

Polish Pomorze army is shattered by 4th and 8th army, L II.

Lodz army is taken on by 14th and 10th army, XVI Pz ad L IV. Disintegrates quickly.

Poznan corps destroyed by 3rd army, XIX Pz, VIII and II AK.

Modlin corps south of Konigsberg lost 50% strength due to attacks by L I and VII AK.

In the air only minor resistance.

Fuhrer is very pleased with performance of our forces. Own losses are slight so far.

In the West Allies are sitting tight. Fuhrer convinced that this will remain that way. Lively discussion with Brauchitsch and Halder of OKH, who are of a quite different opinion.

But Fuhrer has always been right so far.

OKM reports: 2 wolfpacks of subs have taken position in Atlantic. Already 7 MPPs worth of merchant ships sunk.

Ministry of armament and ammunition reports:

120 MPP collected.

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17 Sept 1939

In a gallant, though ineffective effort to slow down the German juggernaut, the Polish Air Force sends it’s obsolescent bombers to attack the German Panzers driving SW of the capital. German fighters of the IV Luftflotte intercept and destroy most of them while badly disorganizing the remainder.

Following up on the air attack, the Krakow Corps moves from it’s starting position to a new one south of Warsaw (40,15) and attacks the XVI Pz at 3915, with light casualties on both sides.

The badly mauled Modlin Corps withdraws from the East Prussian border and takes up defensive positions North of Warsaw.


In the Atlantic, the French Heavy Cruiser Squadron Strasbourg searches for German submarines and is attacked by the U-29 Group (@08,19), ambushed while searching (@07,18)

The French Battleship Division Richelieu moves from Brest to (08,19) to attack the revealed submarine group U-29, inflicting moderate damage while receiving no losses in return.

The French Heavy Cruiser Squadron Dunkerque rushes to join the battle (14,18 to 07,19) but is unable to engage the surviving subs, which were observed to be diving upon the squadron’s approach.

The Royal Navy Cruiser Squadron Exeter, hoping to join the attack at coordinate 06,18 rushes from St. John’s Port and is instead ambushed enroute, receiving heavy damage, by German U-boat Group U-30.

Meanwhile, other French and British naval units move to support the fierce fighting and the Joint Admiralty is confident that the main U-boat menace will be quickly eliminated.

Visibly shaken by the outbreak of war, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain addresses Parliament.*


“We dealt with the German Chancellor in good faith and had agreed to all of his numerous requests for territorial adjustments ...,


"...but our trust in him has proven to be a grave mistake. A year ago I reported that we had achieved peace in our time.


"It seems, however, that this most noble goal is to be denied the present generation. We must instead steel ourselves for a prolonged struggle and begin the task of taking up arms in defense of our just cause. Together with our French Allies, the British Empire and Common Wealth of Nations must stop the vile forces of international aggression and show the world that civilized men will not be bullied by their belligerent neighbors.”

Later in the day the Prime Minister announces the appointment of Sir Winston Churchill as First Lord of the Admiralty.


*Chamberlain's address to Parliament is 100% fictitious, they're my words, though I'm sure he said something similar.

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TURN 2a, OCTOBER 1, 1939

Entry levels: Italy 68%, US 0%, USSR 30%

MPPs: UK 293/ France 218/ Germany 223

War Diary of OKW:

Fall Weiss concluded according to plan. 4th army and L I extinguish already shaken Modlin corps(@40,13).

Remnants of polish air forces overrun on the ground by XIX Pz (@41,13).

Concentrated attack on Warsaw, its garrison(entr.1) is overwhelmed by 3rd, 8th, 14th army, XVI Pz and VII AK. VIII AK took the city and made an attack on Krakow corps south of Warsaw, which is then left alone.

Poland surrenders and Soviet forces occupy Eastern Poland. OKH objects again. Fuhrer ignores it. Gen.Halder is stated as follows:

These miles the Russians are now taking will be a problem if we ever have to deal with them and get to Moscow.

Forces are free to be deployed elsewhere. Allies still do nothing.

OKM reports:

Fierce naval battles between our wolfpacks and french and british naval forces.

U-30 ambushes HMS Exeter-Division and finishes it off finally.

U-29, on orders of F.d.U. (leader of submarines, Doenitz), breaks contact with french forces.

11 MPPS worth of merchants sunk.

Department of armament and ammunition reports:

250 MPP plundered from Poland. 125 MPP collected.

German General at the HQ of the Italian Forces reports:

Italian intelligence reports indicate Allies have moved some of their ground forces in the Med. (Italian war readiness up from 65 to 68)

Chief of the German press, Otto Dietrich, giving his daily parole to the German press:

Its correct that we brought the victory over Poland in big letters. But this was yetserday. Now we have to pay more attention to the action of our subs in the Atlantic. These sinking of the Exeter cruiser division is far more remarkable than our victory over the lazy Poles.

The Volksgenossen ("peoplecomrades", german citizens) must be informed that this shows the weakness of the Royal Navy, which is only a shadow of what it was in the Great War.

On the other hand, we must prepare the people for the fact that losses in U-boats are inevitable.

This must be done skillfully...

Headline of VOLKISCHER BEOBACHTER (peoplish observer?) on October 1:


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Oct 1939

With the formal surrender of Poland, France mobilizes in earnest for what promises to be a long, hard war. Emboldened by his ally’s victory, Mussolini commences upon a campaign of verbal saber rattling and France garrison’s the Alpine border.

In the Atlantic, the already damaged French Cruiser Squadron Strassbourg once again finds the U-29 submarine group and engages it close to the United States eastern coast. The Richelieu Battleship Division rushes to the scene and sinks Wolf Pack U-29 without loss to itself.

HMS Norfolk’s cruiser squadron finds and battles the German U-30 Group farther north with damage to both sides, but the German subs dive to safety when subsequently attacked by aircraft from the CV Courageous and once again when directly engaged by escorts of the BC HMS Hood.

First Lord of the Admiralty, Sir Winston Churchill, cites the Exeter squadron loss as proof that U-boats are a menace not only to Great Britain’s life-blood merchantmen, but also to its warships. He vows to sweep the shipping lanes clean of all German U-boat and other commerce raiding activity.

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TURN 3a, OCTOBER 29, 1939

Entry levels: Italy 78%, US 0%, USSR 30%

MPPs: Germany 549/ UK 207/ France 208

War Diary of OKW:

Operation Oderuebung (Oder exercise) to secure Denmark and the Baltic Approaches is conducted.

Mainly an affair of OKL and OKM.

Surface forces of the Kriegsmarine, centered around battlecruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau provide shore bombardment, while virtually every operational plane of the Air Force hit targets in Kopenhagen.

II AK finishes the defenders, and the already on transports near the shore positioned units of XI AK take the city. Denmark surrenders.

All parts of the Wehrmacht worked together brilliantly like a big machine. Fuhrer very pleased. Neutrals naturally disturbed, and Roosevelt held a speech again. But as Marschall Goering puts it: The Americans know how to produce razorblades and refrigerators, but tanks and warplanes are another matter entirely.

All quiet on the Western front.

OKM reports:

Despite F.d.U.s wishes to continue raiding missions near the Canadian coast, U-30 is ordered, by direct intervention of the Fuhrer, to engage and destroy Norfolk cruiser division.

After fierce fights with escorts, only 30% of Norfolk group remain above the waterline.

But U-30 wolfpack is down to 60% strength in will probable be lost soon, as british forces are closing in from all directions.

Contact lost with U-29 wolfpack. US-papers are full of stories about big battle near the US-coast between German subs and french warships. U-29 probably lost completely.

Ministry of armament and ammunition reports:

313 MPP plundered from Denmark.

136 MPP collected.

Pk-correspondent Fritz Kruger (PK: propaganda company) in Der Adler (The Eagle, magazine of German air force) :

"... fire and smoke are showing us the way to our targets. Beneath us, our warships, the mighty Scharnhorst in the center, are delivering round of round with deadly accuracy.

We belong to the second wave of our Geschwader (air wing/group), our mission is to suppress the danish defenders on the coastline and destroy fortified positions around Copenhagen. Needless to say, we have very strict orders to engage only military targets. With our very accurate targeting equipment, our Heinkel bombers will do just that.

The AA-fire is very weak. Hauptmann(captain) Schweins, the pilot, adjusts the plane slightly. We are coming in without difficulty. There is our target, a massive fortification, against all rules of war and humanity build directly across of a hospital..."

DNB (German news agency) anounces a dementi of Minister Goebbels:

German bombs did NOT hit a hospital in Copenhagen. The so called hospital was an ammunition depot.

The Minister presented eyewitnesses to prove this, which were led to the international correspondents by friendly members of the Gestapo (German secret police).

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First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill reports the destruction of the last U-boats that have been menacing the Atlantic shipping lanes. “They have been decisively dealt with by units of the Allied Navies. It can be said across the lines of war that the enemy fought bravely and with consummate skill against overwhelming odds. His Majesty commends all units involved either directly or in support of these combined operations and is pleased that each man, both British and French, as done his duty in the finest traditions of our proud nations.”

Meanwhile, Italy has begun preparing openly for war and the United States is observed to have budged, if only slightly, from it’s traditional isolationist views.

The International Red Cross is said to be treating thousands of civilians who fell victim to German bombs and naval shells during the recent, unprovoked, attack upon their nation by the Reich. Reports received through Sweden tell of German naval fire having been directed upon a large hospital in the mistaken belief that it was an armaments factory. Also reported is the bombing of an orphanage mistaken for a coastal fortress.


President Roosevelt, seen here throwing the first ball to start the 1939 World Series (at Yankee Stadium, of course!) states after the game (the first of a four game Yankee sweep, of course) that "The current war does not involve this country and the United States will in no way become involved in it."

Republican presidential candidate, Wendell Wilke, claims Roosevelt will only keep his word till inaugaurated for a third term. "After that he'll get us involved in their shooting war, you can put your last dollar on it!"


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TURN 4a, November 26, 1939

Entry levels: Italy 91%, US 5%, USSR 33%

MPPs: Germany 463 UK 357 France 323

War Diary of OKW:

Massive preparations going on for Operation Fall Gelb, the offensive in the West. Units are massed along the LC border, airfleets are repositioned for the coming battle.

OKH still opposes the operation. Heated discussion with Fuhrer. Fuhrer calls Brauchitsch and Halder defaitists. Brauchitsch wants to resign, but Fuhrer didnt accept.

Chef L (Chief of countrys defense, Gen.Jodl, centerpiece of OKW) supports Fuhrer, is convinced of success. France is weak and not willing to fight.

Finally, bad weather has the operation postponed.

OKM reports:

U-30 wolfpack failed to report in. Last reports indicate heated pursuit by large escort forces of french and british origin. F.d.U. is not pleased, but Fuhrer seems not disturbed about the events. Asked about readiness date of Bismarck BB. Knows every technical detail of the ship. Chats amiably with Adm. Raeder (head of German navy).

Ministry for armament and ammunition reports:

138 MPP collected.


Brother of British Premier Chamberlain was a madman. Tried to raise bananas in the Carribic, failed miserably.

Parole of the day by Chief of German press:

... we have to do everything to distract the Volksgenossen from the fact that nothing happens in the West. Questions have already arisen about our forces doing nothing. We cant reveal our plans, so lets provide stories about the allied leaders, there inability to deal with a modern war, their personal misconduct and so on. Bleichmann will hand out some material for you...

Personal Diary of Gen.Halder (chief of staff of OKH):

The Operation in the West will commence soon. This is madness. HE must be stopped...

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For the first time since the outbreak of hostilities Europe is treated to a lull in the fighting. A brief period of unseasonably good weather moves across the continent and for most, the war seems suddenly far away.


Meanwhile, action battered warships make their way to British and French ports for repairs, replacements and the awarding of medals by visiting dignataries.


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TURN 5a, January 7, 1940

Entry levels: Italy 94%, US 5%, USSR 33%

MPPs: UK 282/ France 188/ Germany 403


The OKW announces:

In the early hours of today, German forces have taken over the protection of Norway. Arriving just before an impeding english attack (Nazis ever spoke of english, not british), our troops under command of General Falkenhorst...

War Diary of OKW:

Operation Weseruebung, a daring attack on Norway, went as planned. 4th and 8th army and L I overwhelmed the defenders. In the second wave, VIII Ak took over the port of Oslo, and VII AK landed directly into the city.

Norway surrendered immediately.

The Royal Navy was nowhere to be seen. Was enemy taken be complete surprise? Either that, or the Allies didnt really care.

Intelligence reports, both UK and France have build two new ground units each.

Nothing happens in the West. Fuhrer was right, French are unwilling to fight and English are to weak.

Ministry for armament and ammunition reports:

297 MPP plundered from Norway.

177 MPP collected.

Ministry for Foreign Affairs reports:

US and USSR war readiness going up to 11 and 37 % respectively.

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Betrayed from within by followers of Nazi traitor, Vidkun Quizling, Norway falls a quick victim to German aggression.

Reelected for an unprecedented third term, President Franklin Roosevelt publicly condemns Germany's conquest of her neighbors but stops short of implying American committment to the Allied cause.


Emboldened by Germany's easy victories, Benitto Mussolini brings Italy into the war.


Accused of being unprepared for the German strikes in Scandinavia, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain tells the British People, "As a freedom loving and fair minded people we have always striven to respect the rights of uninvolved neutrals. Our enemies are under no similar comunction and openly invade nations they have no valid quarrel with. The British people, however, will not tolerate such actions by their government, nor will our French Allies. That we had no forces poised to act anywhere along the Norwegian coast is proof of the high standards of honor and fair play to which we have always committed ourselves.

"Our enemies fight for the evil cause of greed and subjugation. They may very well stride ahead today, perhaps even tomorrow, but we can all be sure that our time will come in that time not yet arrived when righteousness shall prevail over deceit, cunning and barbarous force."

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TURN 6a, March 3, 1940

Entry levels: Italy 100%, US 11%, USSR 37%

MPPs: Germany 477/ Italy 0/ UK 182/ France 178

War Diary of OKW:

Fall Gelb commences in the West.

Concentrated attack on Lowcountries. Netherlands corps is bypassed, 14th, 10th army and XIX Pz shatter Belgian corps, supported by heavy air attacks of L III and L IV.

XII AK takes Brussels. Low countries surrender.

Ourair units are intercepted by english carrierborne fighters. The obsolete SeaGladiators are no match for our Me109, and so the English take losses without inflicting much on us.

In the Ardennes, XVI Pz attacks 2nd French army, inflicting losses and taking some itself. Ground support missions flown on 2nd Fr. by L II. Intercepted by Hurricanes from english Malta AF, obviously operated to Southeast England from Malta. L II takes considerable losses.

Heated discussion between OKM and OKH about next missions for OKL, which is not pleased.

OKM wants our bombers to engage the english carriers in the Channel, while OKH naturally prefers ground support missions for our attack into France. OKL itself awaits Fuhrers decision.

Fuhrer has not decided yet.

German General at the headquarter of the Italian Forces reports:

Italian attack on Southern France to commence soon. No activity in the Alpes as of yet.

Italian sub forces sink 5 MPPs worth of merchant ships near Malta.

Ministry for armament and ammunition reports:

291 MPP plundered from Low countries.

195 MPP collected.

Ministry for Foreign Affairs reports:

US war readiness reaches 21% due to the invasion of Low countries. USSRs reaches 44%.


French army communications still rely heavily on pigeons for carrying important messages. How ridiculous, while German communication equipment is the most modern in the whole world...

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17 March 1940

Germany has conquered both Belgium and Holland with unanticipated speed, preventing Britain and France from extending any assistance beyond air interdiction over the city of Brussels.

Continueing it's policy of demorilization through terror, it is reported that Luftwaffe bombers appear to have given the targeting of hospitals and orphanages priority over attacks on actual military installations. The Belgian Army fought gallantly, eventually succumbing to superior numbers and firepower.

Holland, no doubt intimidated by the high civillian losses resulting from the bombing of the city center at Rotterdam, surrendered almost without a fight upon hearing of Belgium's collapse.

Displaced sovereigns Wilhamenia of Holland and Leopold of Belgium arrive in London, joining the growing number of Allied Governments in exile.


Heroic pigeons, their feathers singed by German flak explosions, have brought news to French CinC, Marshall Gamelin, of German attacks upon his army's positions in the Ardennes Forest. "Thank Heaven for these birds," the aged commander said, "they are so much more reliable than these ridiculous modern nevelties such as the telephone and radio. I refuse even to allow those contraptions in my headquarters. No, my dear fellows, when it comes to reliable communications, I'm for the birds!"


In North Africa, tanks and motorized infantry under the command Maj General O'Connor, assisted by aircraft from the Ark Royal, attack Tobruck's outer defenses and report that as much as 40% of the Italian garrison has been knocked out of action.

Commander in Chief, Middle East Theater, General Sir Archibald Wavell


In the North Sea, British Battleship Divisions Royal Oak, Resolution and Nelson engaged a German U-boat group off the Danish coast, sinking several submarines while receiving moderate damage to Royal Oak. The remaining submarines were sunk by aircraft from the Glorius CV Group as they attempted a return to home waters.

Well, Admiral Doenitz, it appears your underwater boats are living up to their description!


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TURN 7a, March 31, 1940

Entry levels: US 21%, USSR 44%

MPPs: UK 232/ France 143/ Germany 513/ Italy 115

War Diary of OKW:

Offensive in the West a smashing success. Full breaktrough is achieved on Belgian-french border.

Details: 1st Fr.Army northeast of Ardennes (@25,14) is attacked by 10th army and a massive air aussault by three Luftflotten (III, IV, V).

Disintegrates under the Stukas. Heavy air battles with french and english interceptors.

OKL reports that English air force brings new fighter aircraft to the frontlines, the Spitfire.

(UK jet-level at 1)

Heavy casualties result. Luftflotte IV and V take a beating. L III encounters less resistance against obsolete and unexperienced french fighter units.

After 1st Frenchs death, Armor and fast corps move into the gap, and XIX Pz take the french mine behind Maginot line. Concentrated attack by XIX Pz and XII AK from the rear and 3rd and 14th army from the front on 2nd Fr.Army, located in the Ardennes (@26,15). French are destroyed.

XVI Pz advances into the gap too and attack 5th Fr.Army positioned at the Channel (@24,14). It knocked only 10% off the enemy strength, while taking heavier casualties themselves. Its survival in the face of heavy allied air attacks is in doubt, because after Fall Weiss it was never brought back to full strength and is now only at 50%. The only setback in the operation so far.

Without the possibility to completely destroy a third french unit, L I and L II flew no missions, instead replacing losses.

Finally, to maintain a solid frontline, II AK moves into the now vacant Ardennes area (@26,15).

More of our ground forces follow in the second echelon.

Result: A major breach of several hundred miles in french lines, units will approach Paris next period if no french reinforcements are placed in their way. The Maginot line is bypassed, French 3rd and 4th armies and XXI corps are nearly trapped in Maginot line. 5th french army is isolated at the coast without southern neighbors.

Newly formed 6th Fr Army is spotted fortified in Paris.

Fuhrer is very pleased and even OKH is now sure of victory over France. Now its just a matter of time. We will see to it that it wont take long until German units march into Paris.

OKM reports:

U-47 wolfpack guarding Baltic Approaches is attacked by what appears to be Englands complete Home Fleet. OKM very disturbed, fears, Royal Navy will advance into Baltic and sink our surface fleet as well.

Since our surface forces are rather a mere tactical asset than a strategic one, we at OKW look calm at this possibility. If the Royal Navy wants to risk its precious battleships in the Baltic waters against the Luftwaffe, they might well proceed.

Another possibility is that they hoped to intercept ground forces seatransported back from Norway. Well, they can search a long time for those. We all had a good laugh about that here at headquartes. Lighted the mood nearly as much as the news from France.

German General at the Headquarter of the Italian Forces reports:

Still no Italian attack in the Alpes. Now three french corps lined up in defense of the mountain line. France will need them elsewhere soon. Holding Marsaille and loosing Paris will do them no good at all.

On the other hand, british forces attacked Tobruk in North Africa. Incredible incompetence at Italian command, was not able to reinforce army holding Tobruk! (It was a long day for me and I just plain forgot to reinforce them. smile.gif )

Ministry for armament and ammunition reports:

219 MPP collected. It served us well to take Norway so soon.

Group North (Norway) reports:

VIII AK enters vacant Bergen, completing the conquest of Norway.



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April 1940

Blaming his defeats on the poor quality of French anti-aircraft guns, a lack of anti-tank guns and the total absense of an armored reserve, Marshal Mauice Gamelin, saying he can do nothing more for the French cause, resigns and advises the government to ask for terms while the nation still holds the Maginot Line, and Paris.


But his successor, Louis Maxime Weygand, recently recalled from Syria, immediately abandons the Maginot Line, forming it's garrisons into a defensive perimiter around Paris. "We will defend our homeland to the last drop of French blood. The Boche are very brave in their metal boxes, but we shall see how well their bravery holds up to the cold steel of determined bayonets!"


Elsewhere in France, Marsielle and Toulon were today declared open cities, their defenders withdrawn to the desperate defense of Paris.

In a final statement before leaving Paris, the now retired Marshal Gamelin said,

"The French army fought very well and was led very well. We lacked strategic reserves because beaurocratic inefficiency within the government did not call up our reservists in an efficient manner, and thus it was that we were unable to create defensive lines in the proper depth. Also, we did not posess a reliable ally to help secure our flank. The British assured us they would send an expiditionary force, but where is it, I do not see it, do you?

"Also, our brave men fighting at the front were betrayed by socialists. The government is riddled with them and, acting upon instructions from Moscow, they have been assisting the Germans by delaying the transport of men and supplies to the front lines. Ah, these are very difficult times, my friends. Betrayed from within, abandoned by our allies, God Help our beloved France, for it is beyond the salvation of mortal man."


In other actions,

Further fighting around the Libyan port city of Tobruck proved indecisive with light casualties to each side.

French warships bombarded German infantry near Brussels and also off the Norwegian coast near Bergan.

Widespread rumors regarding the interception and possible destruction of German troop transports enroute to Brussels are said to be unfounded.

No official word yet on the Royal Navy's rumored passage into the Baltic Sea.

MPPs: UK 175, Fr 95.

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TURN 8a, APRIL, 28, 1940

Entry levels: US 21%, USSR 44%

MPPs: UK 231/ France 99/ Germany 220/ Italy 230

War Diary of OKW:

Second Phase of the conquest of France under way. Fall Rot commences with massive attack on two french armies located east of Paris, transferred there hastily from the abandoned Maginot line.

4th Fr.Army (@24,17) is attacked by X AK, II AK and XIX Pz, all well supplied and ready under Mansteins leadership, therefore eliminating the french unit.

3rd Fr.Army (@24,16)disintegrates after attacks by XII AK, 3rd and 10th armies and L III.

IX AK and L V attack unnamed french corps north of Paris, reducing it to 60% strength.

Both air fleets attacking were intercepted by british air positioned in Southeast England, and took losses due to the advanced english fighters, but continued their missions successfully nonetheless.

XXIII AK advances from Munich across the Rhine to take the vacant Maginot line.

6th Fr.Army in Paris is at entrenchment 4, and will dig in further to be sure.

Second echelon forces advance into France and Luftflotten took positions on newly conquered airfields for the final onslaught on Paris.

Combat Commander of Garrison Kopenhagen reports:

No English warships passed the Baltic Approaches into the Baltic.

German General at the Headquarter of the Italian Forces reports:

Italians finally managed to reinforce their army in Tobruk.(didnt forget this time smile.gif )

Italian subs raiding in the Med think 5 MPPs worth of merchantmen.

Italian 1st Army advances over Alpes into France, makes contact with unnamed french corps north of the mountains and inflicts some damage with only light casualties.

II it. AK moves on to Marseilles, in fear of an ambush not advancing into the city. General complains about Italians, who lack the will for decisive action in his opinion.

His remark starts a lengthy discussion, led by the Fuhrer, how went to great length to explain why the Italians of today are no longer the Romans of old. Very interesting, though Halder of OKH was objecting again.

Ministry for armament and ammunition reports:

218 MPPs collected.

Italy collected 125 MPPs.

parole of the day by Chief of German press:

"...so I dont want to read anything like: these Italians are whimpy, not a strong ally and so on. Not even faint hints at it.

To be sure, these things are facts, and are disturbing the Fuhrer himself, but we must make sure the Volksgenossen believe the Italians to be as strong and daring as we are ourselves.

Bleichmann here, has brought to us a little story about a brave Italian soldier, defending a bunker at Tobruk on his own against a company of English riflemen. Its exaggerated to be sure, so lets make a platoon out of that company. No, lets say a squad..."

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Their conficence in him shaken by word of further defeats in France, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain is derided in Parliament and given a vote of no confidence.

Determined at first to keep his own party in office, he suggests his own predecessor, Stanley Baldwin, as his successor (Conservative Prime Minister 1923-24, 24-29 & 35-37) but Baldwin declines.

Chamberlain next suggests dividing the responsibilities of office between Baldwin and Coalition Party favorite Winston Churchill, with Churchill being the war leader and Baldwin deciding upon domestic policies. This time it is Churchill who refuses and, upon further pressure, it is Churchill who is named the new Wartime Prime Minister.


Flashing what will soon come to be universally known as the "V for Victory" sign, Churchill takes office.

In start contrast is the suddenly tired and drained appearing Neville Chamberlain, leaving # 10 Downing Street for the last time.

Noticably frail looking and weak-voiced, it is widely rumored that he is dying of cancer. And, in short order, the rumors are confirmed.

Meanwhile, the French attempt to repair their shattered defenses but are clearly doomed.

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TURN 9a, MAY 26, 1940

Entry levels: US 21%, USSR 44%

MPPs: UK 313/ France 119/ Germany 265/ Italy 193

War Diary of OKW:

Our forces are closing in on Paris from all sides, nearly encircling it.

A french corps (@24,16) east of Paris is shattered by 3rd and 10th armies, X AK and L II.

A second corps (@23,15) north of Paris dies in massed assaults by XVI Pz, IX AK, 4th army and L I.

L I and L II are both intercepted by the RAF, taking losses and inflicting them. No clear picture on losses to english fighter force.

Southwest of Paris a third french corps is down to 60% strength due to attacks by XIX Pz and II AK.

Finally, the first attack on Paris is made, conducted by air aussaults of L IV and L V and gronud attacks of XII AK, XXIII AK and 14th army.

Not expecting to succeed just yet, we managed to bring 6th Fr.army defending the city down to 40% strength. Furthermore, their defensive positions are now much weaker than before (entrenchment down from 4 to 0).

Paris will surely fall next period, and with it France as a whole.

Intelligence and reconnaissance revealed 5th French army was operated west, probably to be brought to England via Brest. Furthermore, a UK army, named 2nd, was spotted occupying Bordeaux.

German General at the Headquarter of the Italian Forces reports:

Ital. II AK occupied empty Marseilles.

Ital. subs raiding in Med sunk 5 MPPs worth of merchantmen.

English forces have retreated from forward positions near Tobruk, leaving the Italian defenders alone again.

Ministry for armament an ammunition reports:

About 215 to 220 MPP collected ( Didnt pay attention, lazy fool that I am smile.gif )

Italy collected 125 MPP.



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June 1940

The big guns of British Battleships continue to batter the Norwegian coast near Bergan, knocking out coastal instalations and shore batteries.


With Paris surrounded and doomed, visably demoralized French troops are evacuated from Brest to Great Britain, to join elements of the Air Force and Navy planning to carry on after the fall of their beloved homeland.


Largely unopposed, the Italian Army moves triumphantly through Southern France and stages a Victory Parade through captured Marsielles. Mussolini proudly proclaims on Italian radio, "The Italian Warrior does not withdraw from ground he has Triumphantly marched across!"

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TURN 10a, June 16, 1940

Entry levels: US 21%, USSR 44%

MPPs: Uk 195, France 76, Germany 236, Italy 328

War Diary of OKW:

France has fallen to our weapons! Fuhrer very pleased, one of the best days of his life, he said. There will be some fieldmarschalls, he told Gen.Jodl.

The details: 6th FR.Army in Paris was assaulted by XXIII AK, 3rd, 4th, 10th and 14th armies and succumbed quickly to the massive onslaught.

2 french corps southwest of Paris were surrounded and then left alone.

Bordeaux surrounded and attacked by XVI and XIX Pz, II AK and italian 1st Army. Lost 20% strength. It must be noticed that the italian formation inflicted no losses on the English and aborted the attack very early, as Gen. Guderian, commander of XIX Pz, is reporting.

After the fall of Paris, France surrendered and a new puppet government in the small town of Vichy was formed. Apart from southern France and the colonies, the country will remain occupied by German forces.

Italian forces had, as a result of the treaty, to abandon Marseilles and leave Southern France. The Italians are not happy (see below).

No air missions were flown as Luftwaffe refits and rests its formations for coming operations.

Group North reports:

VIII Ak in Bergen was attacked by british warships, grouped around battleship Nelson. Losses are slight.

German General at the Headquarter of the Italian Forces reports:

Italian generals and Mussolini himself furious about retreat from Marseilles. General had a very though week of late. But with this Tobruk thing, of which the General reminded italian general staff, they have to be careful to be to demanding. It is we who have smashed the France. We would have done it without Italians without any change in the outcome.

General reports his analysis that there will be more problems with our Allies ahead of us.

Ministry for armament and ammunition reports:

862 MPP plundered from France.

241 MPP collected.

Italy collected 115 MPP.

PK-correspondent Otto Weichling reports in AUSBLICK IN DIE WELT (outlook on the world, a German magazine for the public):

"... we advance slowly to the frontline. The houses around us are nearly all destroyed. How foolish of the French to defend Paris, instead of declaring it an open city.

Our aussault pioneers are marching quickly, shouldering their heavy burden of combat equipment without difficulty. They are accustomed to it, as they are accustomed to storming stubbornly defended cities. This is our fifth fortress to take. Our pioneer battaillon is assigned to different formations, where ever we are needed. We have taken part in the aussaults on Warsaw, Copenhagen, Oslo and Brussels already. Our men are very expirienced. The French will learn that to their sorrow too soon enough.

Heavy machine gun fire can be heard now. Our advancing infantry is slowed down by enemy MG-nests at important crossroads. Well, our flamethrowers will take care of that shortly..."

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Axis forces, even while attacking Paris, struck far to the southwest against the well entrenched British 2nd Army in Bordeaux. The defending forces endured 40% casualties in fierce fighting against several German and Italian infantry and armored formations.


With word of the French surrender, the exhausted defenders were loaded onto transports and evacuated amid a Royal Navy cruiser escort.

The War Department has not disclosed whether the battered troops were being moved back to Great Britain, or sent around the Cape of Good Hope to join Wavell's Middle Eastern Command.


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TURN 11a, June 30, 1940

Entry levels: US 21%, USSR 44%

MPPs: Germany 1333, Italy 118, UK 265

War Diary of OKW:

The occupation of France is conducted. English 2nd Army evacuates Bordeaux, II AK marches in instead.

English have a beachhead in Brest too, there, 1st UK Army is spotted. XXIII AK advances towards the enemy, but makes no contact as of yet.

After the fierce battles of our glorious victory overorarchenemy France, our armies and air formations stay down for rest and refit.

Fuhrer is convinced the English will give up the fight. He said, we can have peace from one moment to the other.

OKM, especially Doenitz are of different opinion, want to restart operations with U-boat-packs in the Atlantic. No wonder Doenitz is after that, it would mean building new subs, as his entire little fleet of underwater-boats rests on the bottom of Atlantic and Skagerrak respectively.

German General at the Headquarter of the Italian Forces:

Not much activity. Italian subs are active again in the central Med, sinking 5 MPPs worth of english merchantships.

Ministry for armament and ammunition reports:

247 MPP collected.

Italy collected 115 MPP.


"... english prisoners from 2nd UK Army, taken in the fighting at Bordeaux, are by no means ENGLISH. The English use negroes, Indians, Australians (mainly convicted criminals) and other people to fight their wars for them. These scum is naturally no match for the disciplined German forces and our noble and brave Italian allies..."

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Bordeaux is declared an open city and immediately occupied by Axis forces.


All is deceptively quiet. In Britain veterans of the Great War under the age of fifty-five are accepted as Home Guard Volunteer Reservists.


Preparations against the expected German invasion begin in earnest along the Channel and North Sea coasts.


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TURN 12a, JULY 14, 1940

Entry levels: US 21%, USSR 44%

MPPs: Germany 249/ Italy 233/ UK 195

War Diary of OKW:

OKL undertakes a massive air offensive against English army at Brest. Armed Reconaissance by XXIII AK reveals only 40% of 1st Uk army lost, despite missions flown by all five operational Luftflotten. Very heavy AA fire, the heaviest Luftwaffe has encounterd as of yet.

Fighters from two (2) english carrierfleets, positioned west of Brest, intercept two of our airfleets, inflicting, additionally to losses by AA fire, very disturbing casualities on our formations, especially our Stukas took a heavy beating.

OKL plans to rest and refit its forces before offensive will commence again. This is a major setback, the first we have encountered so far.

Fuhrer is furious and condemms Goering, who is off hunting in the Schwarzwald (black forest in Germany).

General discussion between OKH and OKM about an invasion in England. Different opinions, as was to be expected. Fuhrer is quiet. As long as he doesnt decide for the operation (codenamed Sealion), nothing will happen. So, OKH and OKM discuss further, but Gen.Jodl dismisses their thoughts, telling the assembled generals and admirals that Fuhrer has something different in mind.

Group North reports:

VIII AK in Bergen is shelled again with minor losses by English warships. Royal Navy seems to rotate its forces there to give their men gunnery practise.

German General at the Headquarter of the Italian Forces reports:

Apart from 5 MPPs worth of merchantships sunk by italian submarines, no activity.

Ministry for armament and ammunition reports:

249 MPPs collected.

Italy collected their usual 115 MPPs.


The OKW announces:

In heavy air battles over Brest our fighters shot down 354 carrierborne English fighters. Heavy bombardements reduced the English forces in BREST...

STATION BEROMUENSTER (neutral Switzerland) broadcasts in a commentary:

"... so, its very peculiar that the Germans claim to have shot down over 350 CARRIERBORNE fighter planes at once, as Britain surely hasnt got more than a third of that number in its arsenal.

Seen in this light, the pompous German reports seem not very credible."

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