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batalion/ divison reserves

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I was wondering how this works on a battle and on a campaign.

If you put the fact that you want to release a battalion reserve on reinforcement 1 do you have to add the same fact again in R2, R3 etc.

IF the above answer is yes IS THIS the same part of the original reserve (in fact the other bits of R1 not already given to you) OR is it a NEW battalion reserve.

The point I want to make is : IS it possible to have a battalion reserve GIVE YOU ( per the AI thought on what to give you) portioned_bits_of_ ONE_ battalion.

I think this sort of game could be extreemly good aginst the AI in particular .

PLEASE help ...



< a scenario designer gone mad smile.gif >

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As I understand it, Battalion reserves (as well as regimental and divisional) are released based on how well (or badly) the fight is going for that side. The player has no control over when he gets it (if at all). This is made to simulate the higher HQs control of such reserves, and their POV of the battle in progress.

Mind you, these reserves are different from the normal reinforcements that one assigns to a scenario / op. Those you can designate an arrival time and percentage of how likely they will show up.

Hope this answered your question.

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This question came up a long time ago, and charles did answer. Basically, each of these levels will give you their reinforcements when the force balances reach a certain ratio. I, however, cannot recall these ratios.

Someone else might. . .


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I am asking whether in making a game the AI considers a battalion reserve in reinforcement 1 to be THE only battalion reserve.



10 inf platoons

5 AT guns

blah blah

If I add Battalion reserve to reinforcement 2 is this ANOTHER battalion..

What i want is for the above ( ie: first) to be the reserve .


R2 might be 3 inf platoons and 2 atg's LEAVING 7 inf platoons and 2 ag's for subsequent ( r3,r4,r5)reinforcements.

I hope this clarifies the focus.


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If you're asking if the computer will break up a Battalion reserve, for example giving you 30% of the alloted force in R1, and saving the remainder for subsequent slots, then I believe the answer is no.

The Battalion reserve will be released as a whole, and any other reinforcements (from the reserve pool) will have to come from the regimental and divisional pools. Again, these are seperate from the normal reinforcements you can assign (which you have the option of allocating in 'packets' as you wished).

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