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  1. I had the ATG take out 3 Brit vehicles in one turn IIRC. I had moved the MkVIs up en masse to try to overwhelm the tankettes with fire. Great patience by my opponent. To complicate things, one of the tankettes was consistently misidentified at an Italian tank with a real gun, so I was trying to avoid it.
  2. Thoughts on the battles: Squeezing the Melon. Good insights already posted. My Para attack went smoothly despite kicking off early due to an overzealous mortarman. Knowing there would be reinforcements moving up the road, I had all the MMGs, mortars, and a zook ambush waiting in that direction. The MMGs and mortars put a real hurt on the German infantry from long range, separating the infantry and tanks. The tanks forged ahead (minus one Marder from the zook ) and were in close quarters battle with the Paras. My very slow careful advance along the road finally broke through and I go
  3. Pretty much the same as Holien, at least in result. Probed ahead on both sides (figured the mines marking were just bluffs) with an infantry platoon on each side while pushing a little in the center. Got my butt kicked in the center by a very good 6-pndr, lost most of my offensive vehicles. Seeing his sides occupied by my infantry probes, got some fire on the gun and successfully pushed an armored column of two platoons in HTs past his defences and then scattered behind buildings around the crossroads, without loss. Grenadiers boiled out and soon had a bunch of trucks and guns wiped out.
  4. I was the Allies, and I won a moderate victory. I approached with widely separated platoons, figuring to try to spread the anticipated-few defenders. I was surprised to find nothing in the woods, I thought there would be a ton of mines or wire or whatever. So my approach was quite slow and my opponent (White4) was justifiably bored. Approached the berm with my mortars, found some gaps through the mines and got all my forces onto the berm. Scouted around and found the wire barrier complete. Tried to push through the wire with mortars or half squads, got shot up in a few places. Lost quit
  5. The Library - strangely moving, my advance just getting into sight of the Library building as the defenders are overrun That damn %%$# in the building also got me, I thought it would be a perfect position for one, but decided to move into view anyways, because I didn't know if the designers would go to those efforts or not. Good job to you guys, bad deal for me. Hope nobody remembered you can do the same with antipersonnel mines.
  6. Finished up Lab Rats with White4. The beer is safe in British hands!
  7. White4 and I will finish Labrats by the deadline, but Tom Norton is still AWOL in real life. Pity too since it looked like such an "interesting" game... Oh well got to get back to bashing up the research scientists and their mutated guards...
  8. I've finished 1 scenario PBEM and have another 2 on the go. So far I'm very happy with the scens. Glimmer of Valor: Won a 93-7 major as the Soviets, knocking out 21 vehicles for no loss. It sounds even at the start but the Romanians were bouncing shots off my front plates while I was knocking them out left and right. The infantry fight was pretty even at the start but once the tank advantage was mine they lost heart and I could advance to get the SMGs into action. The T-3s and T-4s worried me a little but were picked off by coordinated action around the buildings by the T34s. I think I
  9. It's going pretty well with White4 (I mean the email exchanges, not the battle. Oh yeah, let's run forwards into the BLANK under fire!). But still slow with Tom Norton, approx 1 turn per week :confused:
  10. I did at least one mail with Tom over the weekend. Finished Epron with Sgt.Gold too.
  11. I cleverly outfoxed white4 by invading Sweden instead of Norway, haha! Much nicer and people aren't shooting at me except for the occasional narrow escape from a lady friend's house. My boys in Epron are wishing they were in Sweden too, although the future rests on the 1mb file I jsut sent to Sgt Gold. Emillville is just a nice ride through the countryside, what if they called a war and nobody came?
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