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Are you a terrain/building mod nut?

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Are you drawn to CM's ability to exhibit a variety of terrain? Do you fiddle with mods and color palettes, trying to find just the right one for a particular situation?

I find myself spending as much time playing with terrain mods and buildings as I do playing CM itself. Perhaps it's the immersive aspect of getting into a 3-D environment. I know that I played shooters for some time and never got hooked...all those dark caverns and narrow corridors...ugh!

CM is different. I can set up a scene and climate and walk into it. All around me are scads of WW2 hardware to admire and direct. Nirvana! If only I could have dreamed of this capability when I was a kid!

Even my wife, who knows and cares nothing for computers and gaming, finds my little CM landscape worlds intruiging. I'll take her on a walkthrough of a fall or winter landscape, with 3-D environmental sounds going full blast, and she is mesmerized!

I'd like to hear from others who are drawn to this particular aspect of CM. My heroes of course are the redoubtable modders like Magua, DD and all you others who showed us what's possible. But it would be nice to hear from others who just get off on terrain modding.

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Well, except for my Subdued Velvet grass I'm not a modder, but...

My name is Old Dog, and I'm a CM miniature world-aholic!

I spend MUCH more time setting up terrain, and fiddling with the latest mods making little 3-D dioramas to photograph that I do playing. My website and taking pics for a modder or 2 is my excuse, but I really do it 'cause I do love it so!

- Old Dog

Old Dog's CM Central The CM Photo Gallery!

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Well, it's nice to hear from two more of my favorite modders (bet you thought I called you something else there for a minute, eh?).

Out of curiosity, what drawing tool software do you find most useful?

I recently got turned on to Photoimpact and find it has a teriffic set of tools. With a couple of clicks I can devise mods for all seasons...I lost sleep last night dreaming up new mods...well you know how it goes.

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with the game being open to mod ,this is what makes this the only game i play now a days ....bye bye half life ...unreal tourny...this game has reached a unparalled reality in both game design and apperance and will continue to change and evolve into some thing better, thanks to those who decide to try.




[This message has been edited by BIG DD (edited 02-19-2001).]

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I'm very glad to hear from you Big DD. Your outstanding hires grass is the underlying foundation of some of my own grass mods like:



View?u=1532709&a=11607024&p=41478997 .

May I have your consent to keep working on these mods and to distribute them freely and for free (with appropriate credits)?

I've tried getting your email from the forum but no luck.

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Hello Gunnergoz.

I agree totally, its a totally new experience and great option to be able to

change the look and sound of the game in such a simple way.

(Thanx to all the GREAT artist out there who share their work.)

I look for new mods nearly every day and spend alot of time finding the ones

that suit my taste!..

I think it really improves the value of the game, i usually loose interest in a game fairly quickly,

but Combat Mission has me coming back daily.

Im certainly looking forward to CM2 and am proud to support Battlefront!!!!

Regards, Joe.

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wow, that speckled grass looks pretty neat! The latest screenshot looks a bit TOO orange for me, IMO.

As far as being mesmorized by the modded enviorments and staring at the landscape...

My favorite thing to do when I first got the game is set up a winter map with snow at night, scroll down to the 1st view, and look around with the sound fully up! Man, I could almost feel the chill. Reminded me of my childhood, going cross-country skiing with my grandfather (who, unfortunately, passed away a year ago) in Russia. DD's winter mods only made it better biggrin.gif

Three Cheers for all the Modders!


"...Every position, every meter of Soviet soil must be defended to the last drop of blood..."

- Segment from Order 227 "Not a step back"

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