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  1. Thanks but I havent modded for CM in a long long time. I don't think I'd know where to start, all the new stuff looks so awesome anyway. I lost all of my old mods and have nothing of them I'm going to pick up CMAK when I see it in the stores I reckon. -Tiger
  2. They still hjave not fixed the anti-aliasing problem?! This is what made me quit playing cmbb, it looked awful w/o any anti-aliasing I'll pick it up when it's on the storeshelves I reckon. -Tiger
  3. Gonna download the demo tonight as I sleep. Any old CMers thoughts? -Tiger
  4. I'd be willing to shell out 5-10 bucks for Battlefront to offer this. thanks, john
  5. Mr. Coburn passed away from a heart-attack last night, he was 74 (iirc). Thanks for the great movies sir! Some recall him as Sgt. Steiner from the great war movie Cross of Iron. -john
  6. Well for what it's worth it's supposed to be road-dust not mud per se. Mud looks entirely different (darker) and can be done fairly well; I'll do one tomorrow if I have time. john
  7. I disagree. You can overdo it, as I've learned. It's a matter of personal preference I reckon. john
  8. I'm sorry I needed space on my ftp last night, and I still didn't get the third zip of my grass mods uploaded .. only 5.1 megs but my isp's ftp is being cranky. I'll get one pic back up. john
  9. well I guess I'll get this winter t34 1940 up when muy isp starts behaiving needs work anyways -john
  10. I hear ya KwazyDog. Here's my first trench mod: Used shadows and some texturing to make em look deeper and muddier. About the skies, it looks like you used Bryce but are they still reduced to 8-bit?? Here's a shot of a modified trench without sandbags They may look a little dark but the pics are at dawn iirc. and the one above with some modification to the "ends" (which tile) john [ October 02, 2002, 07:20 PM: Message edited by: Tiger ]
  11. I had my cmbb gamma on "low" and also had my nvidia color correction set to low. You can tweak your own settings in game, on your video card, and on your monitor to your preferences. I don't think any mod looks the same to everyone unless all your settings happen to be the same. I turned up the in game gamma to medium and turned off color correction on the nvidia control panel and it looks not so dark and not so richly colored. john
  12. I've done a grass/steppe/wheat mod but haven't even begun to think what vehicle to start on. Any ideas? john [ October 02, 2002, 05:03 PM: Message edited by: Tiger ]
  13. I'd be more than happy to help out if you still need people. There are alot of ways to texture bmps so that they look realisticly muddied, worn, and weathered. cheers, john
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