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Hey, Cybeq, While I'm Killing Hiram...

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Self-propelled artillery is artillery that is self-propelled. I.E. it propels itself. By propelling itself it is able to move about the battlefield without being propelled by somthing else. So it is said to be self-propelled. Here are some everyday examples to further clarify: A car is self-propelled while a rock is not. A motorcycle is an example of somthing that is self-propelled. A bicycle is not self-propelled. A horse is, a dead horse is not. Although living cretures are self-propelled when we think of things that are self-propelled we usually think in terms of machines. To help you define what properties would be present in a self-propelled machine let me offer these helpful guidelines: To be self-propelled the machine must have a self-contained power source. Usually the machine will have wheels or tracks or wings. Finally, the machine must be able to move itself without any help. If it meets the above criteria it is most likely self-propelled. Anyhow, that is my definition of self-propelled artillery. I hope my explanation didn't go over your head. In the future you may be able to glean helpful hints about the meaning of a phrase by examining the words themselves. For instance, the phrase "automatic transmission" my give you trouble at first but if you read it carefully and think hard you may realize that it is actually two words that you probably already know the meaning of. I won't tell you what automatic transmission means because I think you can figure it out using the clues I have provided. If you have questions ask anyone with common sense.


That's quality work, son. You should take that to a place where people respect quality. No, not the mountains of Busch, the Cesspool. Come on, kid, don't be scared, you know you wanna.

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Now what kind of a Cesspool is that if we got to do some recruiting out of it?!

That CyBreak guy seems to be quite better than the latest batch of sorry lot we had recently but that doesn't mean that Meeks as to do some whoring in the Forum to have them in.

Err, as an afterthought, keep whoring Meeks.

You're such a charming triple personnality, that's bang for the bucks...


Cybeq get your sorry ass in the Pool or we will have to pee on Seanachai again!!


You are not Obsessive-CMpulsive, you are Allied-Retentive.

Mark IV

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