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We're up to 17 players, so I think we've hit critical mass where we can start talking specifics. Hopefully we can round up at least 1 more player, which would give us basically a depleted Squadron/Company per side, but we can go with what we've got regardless.

There's been some questions regarding how to handle the timezone differences and how frequently turns will happen. When we did this for ASL, we actually played 4 impulses per ASL turn, and usually 2 impulses per week (it's a low intensity, easy involvment sort of game). We'll select a deadline time for each turn. For the sake of starting the planning let's assume that there will be 2 turns per week with the deadlines being Wednesday and Saturday at 6:00 PM Central (USA) time (GMT - 06:00). I'll get each turn plotted and the movies mailed out later that evening. That will give around 2 1/2 days to allow the teams to exchange planning e-mails and get their next moves in to me. Any player missing a deadline will simply have his vehicle stop in place and assume a defensive posture for that turn.

I think we can probably work up some awards for "miss congeniality" and "most stylish death". smile.gif

Ok, with my Mark I Randomizer (a coin) I have allocated the teams (so far):





Michael Dorosh










Otto Mekanik






Please send me all an e-mail (Gordon_Molek@3com.com) so that I can set up the team's planning e-mail lists (remember once the game starts e-mail will be more restricted). You'll need to select an overall commander who will receive the ORBAT for your side (hopefully by this weekend) and we can try to have everything ironed out and the initial setups to you by next weekend.

Also, I'll probably try to create some sort of AAR for this whole mess smile.gif and it would be nice if you all (and especially the commanders) could record some of your thoughts/plans, etc. for inclusion.


[This message has been edited by Gordon (edited 03-06-2001).]

[This message has been edited by Gordon (edited 03-06-2001).]

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Ok, you're a Brit.

As much as I hate to say it, I think we'll have to put a time limit on new players joining up. Let's say high noon tomorrow (Wednesday, GMT+06:00).

Otherwise I won't be able to create the setup.


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Just a reminder, all players should send me an e-mail (Gordon_Molek@3com.com) and please make sure you identify your CMBO MB nickname as I'll be using that for the unit names (and all your orders should include your nickname as well).

For those possibly interested in playing, get off the fence by 12:00 (GMT+06:00) today (Wednesday). smile.gif

I've got the map and units drafted up and it looks pretty cool.


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