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GRRR... stupid 251/9

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{Sorry if people see this twice, somehow I can search for the post I made and find it, but it doesn't show up in the forum so I posted again.}

Ok, this really bothered me quite a bit. I was playing this scenario (won't say which, I'd be giving something away). I had a vet 251/9 w/ 44 he rounds. The game was at night. I told it to area target a house that was well in view and holding a flamethrower that was holding my entire advance up. The 251/9 couldn't see the flamethrower, no one could except when it stopped hiding. But like I said, I targeted the house not the unit.

So what did it do? Sit there, for THREE turns. Finally, the flamethrower peeked his head up enough times that it was killed by MG fire.

Has anyone had this happen? It didn't switch targets or lose its target or anything, it just would not fire. And it was so very very annoying.

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Yup. I've had this happen. It IS very frustrating.

I had a whole platoon of regular and veteran Pnzgrnders (under a Vet Leader with a +2 combat bonus) run through the woods to cut off a crack squad of American Paratroops (who were running from another ambush).

I knew where the squad was, but he had no idea where my mopping up platoon was. I snuck them through the woods closer, and closer to this crack squad of para's. At the end of the turn, the Para's spot all three of my squads and opens up on one of them (no casualties).

Next turn, I don't target the squad, I just let my A.I. take care of things. All three of my squads have unobstructed LOS to the Para squad.

A whole damn minute goes by where my platoon fires not one single shot. :(

I suffer 5 casualties, spread across two of my squads.

Next turn, I target all three squads on this para-pest, and only then do they do anything.

That one minute of inactivity was unexplainable. (Except that I did not give my men target orders, though I shouldn't have had to.)

Anyways, I'm with you. It sucks. Sometimes the A.I. has it's reasons, but he'll be damned if he's gonna share 'em with you!



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Mind you, this thing happened to me last night as well. My platoon had just about surrounded a lone enemy squad but refused to open fire. The enemy squad killed a few of my men while my wussy troopers just took cover for the whole turn. Next turn, I gave all units a target order and the enemy squad evaporated in a mere seconds...

BTS, fix it or do somefink! :D


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I had similar problems.

When having it with a PIAT that refused to fire on a tank that didn't spot the PIAT and was 35 meter away, I noticed that the "target" command I have given it was kind of stale. After deleting the manual target command, the PIAT fired (on the same tank that the target command was pointing to). Unfortunately I don't remember whether I gave a new target command or let it fire by itself and/or whether I had to wait a turn.

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