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Ill trade you a Fernando Panther for a Ted Williams Rookie Card

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Just a casual observation.....

Remeber those days of trading baseball cards (the ones with the stick of gum made from hardened Zimmemit). The bargaining went on forever.....

"I'll give you a Ricky Henderson and a Reggie Jackson for that rookie Luis Tiant card."

"OK only if you toss in a Buck Dent (any year)"

Well now it seems that mods have become a lot like that....whenever I see a post with a picure someone invariably asks hey...nice terrain, but where can I get that STUG?

Reply, "Ill tell ya if you tell me where I can get a nice Hi-Res Chafee and Winter US 45 Uniform"

Just goes to show that you can't make a guy grow up.....

great trading


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