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  1. Already did that a couple of times and I always use the default location. I have a ticket open and I'll see what the HELPDESK comes back with. In the meantime, please keep offering suggestions.
  2. Nope, not either of those. Thank you for continuing to think of solutions. I did open a ticket so hopefully BF can help me fix the issue.
  3. Not yet, was waiting to see if anyone here had an easy fix. Also tried deleting preferences file and that didn't work either.
  4. CMRT and CMFB both run fine, but when I run CMBN I get no sound at all. All are upgraded to CM4. Have reinstalled and rebooted multiple times. Windows 10 i7-770 3.6ghZ nvidia gtx 1080
  5. When I mouse over the CMRT desktop icon and "right click" I am given the option to run with the "high performance processor". Ideally it should auto select based on the program, but it doesn't so that how I get around it.
  6. I was also having graphics issues. My PC was defaulting to the intergrated graphics versus using my graphics card, NVDIA GT 745. Once I ,configured the PC to use the NVDIA vs the intergrated graphics, quality and performance improved. Not saying this is your issue, but check to ensure your graphics card is being utilized.
  7. Rumor has it that preorders have already been shipped, but Battlefront is using XXX Corps to deliver it so actual delivery times will vary!
  8. Will Nazi zombie units be availble for purchase in QB's starting on 12/21/12? If so, will they be infantry only or will they also have armored formations in their TOE selections?
  9. If there are trains, then there would need to be horses so the riders could leap aboard and stop the train, otherwise the train would be to powerful. Then to counter-act the horses, motorcycles would be needed to counter-act the superior mobility of the horses, but then what stops the motorcycles?
  10. In order for these commands to not be abused, you would also need a "GO TO THE LOO" command, which would be mandatory after using the "BREW" command 3 times. The "GO TO THE LOO" command would have the same effect as 3 consecutive "PAUSE" commands, but the "GO TO THE LOO" command can only be issued once a unit is in cover.
  11. big thumbs up........thanks for your work and dedication
  12. I saw Steve locked a thread with a comment this afternoon aroung 6pm, but that was it. He gave no mention of release.
  13. Im taking the lack of BF saying anything today leave the door open that they might release today....... If today was a definate NO, then I would have expected them to say, "after reviewing feedback from the demo..............there are a few things to fix................so we will be releasing in a few days" Since they have said nothing, that leaves them the option of today or not today (that is the question) Im an optimist
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