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help with graphic and ms paint

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never mind, got it solved somehow...

********when i converted a the tiger side view bmp to greyscale in irfanview (a graphics viewer with some effects ability) it made the bmp look like a b&w picture, which is what i wanted.

but when i cut colored wheels from the original color bmp and pasted it to the new b&w bmp in ms paint, the wheels showed up as b&w as well!

how do i get those wheels in as color?

in fact, i just drew on it with red paint and it appeared grey as well!

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Your image viewer has saved the file as a greyscale picture. MSPaint limits the colours available to match the greyscale palette, even though it still displays the colours in the selection area. I just had a play with MSPaint to verify this, and it seems there ISN'T any way around this. MSPaint wouldn't even load another palette, so you are stuck. You need to grab another drawing program which will let you convert the picture from 256-greyscale to 16 million colours, and then you can do what you wish.

MSPaint is just too limited to be of any use to you here.

Suggest you try to find a shareware copy of PaintShopPro. Get an older one like PSP4 if you can find it, and you won't drown in lots of features you'll never use. Also, PSP6 onwards expires after 30 days, but earlier ones don't.

If necessary I can email you PSP4.12. It is less than 2Mb, from memory.

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