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Looking for "realistic" scenarios (and some Row-ones as well)


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I read in the RoW description that scenarios could be very unbalanced and that scoring was based on how well the other players in the tournament performed.

What I would like to know is if there is some of the old scenarios out there in the Scenario Depot or somewhere else for the rest of us to try and what the average final score in those scenarios was.

Finally. Is there some scenarios that you guys have played that is meant to be unbalanced, (either almost impossible to defend or very easy to attack) but also realistic.


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I have most of the ROW spreadsheets at home, and can calcualte the averages for you. Going on memory, although there were a few games that were unbalanced score wise, most of the scenarios ended up being balanced in the 45/55 range. This is not because the scenarios were designed that way, they weren't. Its because of the quality of the players. Few allowed themselves to be defeated, even when they were faced with overwhelming odds.

I also have about 90% of the scenarios for the first 3 ROW tournaments, so if you are interested in something let me know. My address is in my profile.

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For a direct link to the RoW III scenario pack, see my sig below.

For the excel spreadsheet results of Wild Bill's designed RoW I scenarios and the median scores look in your mailbox. I've emailed it to you as per your profile address.


Charl Theron



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