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Assault Theory Article

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I have posted an article on Assault theory on Operation CultureK. Check it out, and keep on coming back!

I do have a question for BTS though and everyone else.

Can we make a central news posting center that posts to this forum? Maybe something like the FAQ topic, but without the comedy. That way, there could be 1 post called, "WEBSITE NEWS!!!!!" And under it you could always find the latest posts, etc. I hate coming here and dogging the group with posts about the site when they are of the general nature like this one.

What's your opinion?




Operation CultureK

Check it out today for Great Combat Mission Content!

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If you send me a copy of your update, then I can post it at Forward Observer. Remember? wink.gif

If all the webmasters subscribe to Forward Observer (and submit their updates), the site will serve precisely the function you suggest. (Note: ALL webmasters are welcome to join FO. Just send me an email.)

If you have suggestions for how I can make Forward Observer work bstter, I would be eager to hear them. The whole idea is to have a site that helps webmasters and readers alike.

Thanx (again) Manx. smile.gif



Wild Bill and the Raiders

Boots & Tracks Team Member

Forward Observer

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Oh, jeez. Forgot to send you my update. Thanks for the reminder.

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