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  1. I too am curious about this folder download option for cmmods.
  2. A while back I thought that there was a pretty complete sound mod for CMBO that dealth with Small Arms Fire, Explosions, Armor Penetration, etc. Anyone know where that's at?
  3. My archive of MODS went kablewie...The CDs that I had them on got scratched and they are now ruined. ARG! In any case...I have a fast connection and want to download a Mod-Manager and a really good cross-section of mods (ie Terrain, armor, inf, sounds, markers, vehicles, skies, etc) However...doing it through cmmods.com take about a million years because every download is 2 to 3 cick just to get to the download page! So...I was wondering if there was some "beast" file out there or files... My archive was like 700 - 800 megs of mods... Any ideas?
  4. That is an intriguing idea. I believe it has been mentioned many times before though. There are some inherent problems just plugging one game into the other. The fact is, that even though it may appear that the games are very similar the code driving both games is extremely different. Personally, I still think the game engine rewrite is an appropriate next step and wouldn't want to see that delayed. Even though the game looks amazing now, there are some things that could use some updating in the engine department outside of graphical switches. So...while it's an admirable suggestio
  5. Having recently comitted the highest sin any CM fan can do...I uninstalled CM about 1 month ago. This was the first time since I received my beta copy that my computer had been without the game. When I got my new comp...WinXP was the first thing on, then I put on Combat Mission. CMMOS was never all that intriguing to me since I never had a problem manually doing the unzipping, running the batch files, and sometimes reworking them because they didn't work as advertised... Here is what I did D/L CMMOS and the rule sets. Install those. Now download the mods you want. I downloade
  6. This is a great temporary solution...however...I still would like a CD with a working image, etc.
  7. Got this upon 99% completion. If you need more info let me know. I tried manually copying the file to the harddrive, had same error message in DOS I tried to copy the CD to the hdd as an image and then put it on a new CD-R...same problem... Sounds like, as in the other thread, this is a problem with the image. My suggestion: 1) Get new CDs out to people who are affected with correct CD images at NO charge as we have already paid for shipping and handling 2) Never put all files into a singular 600 meg install file. If your file is messed up...everything is messed up...bad
  8. That's how it is supposed to be. Read the resolution numbers and refresh rate, and choose if that's what you want. For your system, I'd pick 800 x 600 at around 70mHz refresh. [ April 07, 2002, 12:23 PM: Message edited by: medlinke ]
  9. Major is working basically full time to get TacopsCav out and working within the military community now. His priority AFAIK is getting 4 done ASAP. ie Next few months or so....I think... So this WWII thing is probably on hold until 4 is released and stable and ready to go etc...
  10. As I posted before...They don't work in XP. I tried them with multiple setttings etc. However they do improve my other 3d apps slightly...
  11. I found that the ONLY mode this worked for me in was that Quincunx 2x and 4x gave me problems that I couldn't solve. So...I'm glad this has been previously posted, but from the posts I've read I didn't think people had seen those posts.
  12. Let me preface this with...it works for me... I, like many of you, have been having problems with WinXP and CM. After going through nearly every driver, messing with the Guru3d Nvidia Tweak program, and finally all the settings I could play with from within the actual videocard settings I think I've got a temporary solution! I have a Geforce3 with the 21.83 WHQL drivers installed. Set the video card to the Quincunx FSAA setting. Launch the game and voila...it runs fine, but when you go back from any 3d screen to a 2d screen the text looks terrible, or disappears totally....Howeve
  13. if the problem is white text...if there is a set of bmps made that elminates the white text wouldn't that fix it? And for things like scenario selections which does get messed up, couldn't there be a patch that changes the color of the text output? Seriously I think that if this is the only problem it wouldn't take a team of crack engineers to fix it and in fact, it may only take some modders & or a little effort and knowhow from the BTS folks to release an XP patch that changes the text colors. I mean if they work on it now or later it really doesn't matter if indeed the graphi
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