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U.S. Firing Tests Against Captured Tigers

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During late 1943, Aberdeen Proving Grounds conducted firing tests against three captured Tigers.

The results showed that:

1. Tiger armor plate with 60mm, 80mm and 100mm design specified thickness measured an average of 62mm, 82mm and 104mm.

2. Tiger armor was, on average, equal in resistance to American penetration test plate

3. The standard deviation of the Tiger armor resistance ratio to U.S. plate quality was 8%, which means that:

a. if penetration is 16% above theoretical armor resistance based on thickness and slope effects, 98% penetration probability

b. if penetration is 8% above armor resistance 84% success rate

c. if penetration equals resistance, 50% of hits defeat armor

d. when penetration is 8% below armor resistance, 16% of hits will still manage to penetrate fully

e. if penetration is 16% below armor resistance, expect about 2% to succeed

The 8% standard deviation is roughly equal to what analysis of Russian penetration data indicated, and is similar to modern firing tests for WW II type projectiles (steel with pointed noses).

The finding that Tiger armor is roughly equal in resistance to U.S. penetration test plate confirms the finding in our book, WW II BALLISTICS: Armor and Gunnery. Tiger armor also appears to equal British test plate in average penetration resistance.

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The finding derived from the U.S. firing tests against three Tigers, and British tests that result in the same conclusion, indicate that the armor equalled U.S. penetration test plate, which allows direct comparison between TM9-1907 data and Tiger armor.

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<blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by John Kelly:

I must say, "Band of Brothers" appears to have found an actual Jagdpanther.<hr></blockquote>

I'm afraid shipmonkey is right, this was a mock-up. It is fairly evident when the vehicle is next to another that can lend it scale. It is considerably smaller than the real beast. A good job all the same, though.

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