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New Wav files for CM2

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What creates game immersion? I submit that the 3D graphics and sound combine to make this game we love head and shoulders above the competition. The user mods and the ability to edit and create new battles keep the game fresh. This weekend, I downloaded some new sound mods from Pete Scipio and Jon Johnson. I even recognized a few sounds from Close Combat. As a matter of fact, the MP40 sounds made me smile. That is until I noticed that the British submachine gun shared the MP40 sounds as well. Did the sten or Thompson sound like the MP40? When the MG 42 fires, the sound is unmistakable. When the .50 caliber fires, it is immediately recognizable. However, when the tanks, submachine guns and other lmg's fire, it could be anything. Please BTS, go the extra mile and create a wav file for each weapon. Let us revel in the rapid report of the PPsh41 Russian smg. Let us thrill to the staccato roar of the Thompson burp gun. Sound is more important to me than any other element. As a commander, I can identify the enemy force against me. I want to hear the Kar 98K, not just when a sharpshooter fires it. I should hear the correct machine gun on the tanks...not just a generic heavy tank or light tank. I want to know the BREN gun is firing...it shouldn't sound like a BAR or .30 cal. Please take this into consideration in the next installment of Combat Mission. Then guys like Pete and Jon can truly keep it alive. Comments are welcomed. John

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