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Female 3D game figure with AK47 (animated)

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Does this work here?

(Animated gif?)


from the page:


THe above site does NOT have Anything to do with wargames, but this Rebel chick with an automatic weapon looks like she could make this game "interesting".

"The Rebel (female) - Life on Tropico isn't always rosy. Any Tropican native can become dissatisfied enough to become a rebel—even the females. But don't let the gender fool you, she can shoot as well as any man and she's on a mission: to rid the island of your tyranny. She tends to attack soldiers on sight before disappearing back into the depths of the rainforest. If things get bad, only a strong military is going to stop a rebellion."

just a curiosity post please don't flame me smile.gif

-tom w

PS it has 3D animated COWS TOO!!!


AND Hubba hubba!! biggrin.gif


AND Guess what? it Runs on a MAC!

Yea, chalk one up for the good guys smile.gif

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always wanted to try my hand at dictatorship...



Self-Proclaimed Keeper for Life of the Sacred Unofficial FAQ.

"They had their chance- they have not lead!" - GW Bush

"They had mechanical pencils- they have not...lead?" - Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

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Fa Crisakes! The "demo" I thought I had was just a preview movie!

Oh well...it was cool anyhow. This game looks like it's going to be like another "Tycoon" game. Only difference is that when approval rating goes down, you get overthrown!

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Guest Mikey D

Y'know in Florida I think it's legal for just about ANYONE to carry firearms.

Think of the possibilities

"Combat Mission 3: SPRING BREAKOUT, Ft. Lauderdale"

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