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CGW Combat Mission Goof

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Has anyone seen the latest Computer Gaming World? There's a nice small write-up about CM on page 128. Only one problem, they used the wrong screen shots!!! Or maybe the guys at Battlefront decided at the last minute to change CM into some sort of Battletech real time strategy game.

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Guest Big Time Software

Yes, this was a screw up in their copy editing department. I received a nice phone call from the Editor *before* the magazine hit the stands to say they were sorry for the screw up. It happens so what are you going to do? wink.gif


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Guest Madmatt

Hehehehe... Dark Reign Rules!!!!

I even got CGW to think they made a mistake! BWAHAHAHAHAHAA...

Actually it's a shame because the picture they were gonna run was some of my best work ever!

I just HOPE they remember to give CMHQ (oh who am i kidding? I WANT THE CREDIT!!!) the photo-credit when they DO get it right!!!



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