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Keystone tank

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Have you ever found yourself LOL at the AI? Have you ever watched it pull off a manuever that caused you to crack up? I know, strange response for a war game, but i saw something last night which made me lose it and decided to share it with you all.

I was playing Reisburg as the Germans and i decided to keep my hilltop 81 and 88 in their default positions. I pulled all my in-town forces to the rear of the town to await the Amis infantry, conceding the towns outskirts to him.

The battle was well under way when i spot the Jumbo Sherman proceeding down the road, then pulling off to the right in front of the wooden house.

While in buttoned down mode and unsupported by infantry he rolls into town, past the front of the church, dodges 3 Shrecks fired at it, then exits the town on the right. He then runs parallel to the town until he gets to the last 2 story bldg.

While this is going on my hilltop 88 is busy lighting up another Sherman and blasting a mortar squad so it never fires at the Jumbo. Just then the Amis begin bombarding the hill with 105mm. Thats when the Jumbo rotates to point its ass end at the 88 and charges up the hill! The 88 locked on to it but for some reason never fired at it.

Anyways, the Jumbo charged right up the hill in reverse and makes it there in time to witness the 88 being KO'd by the arty barrage. He then nudges himself into the corner of the map facing into town and remained there for the duration of the game.

I clicked on the Jumbo just as he was pulling off the road and kept the cursor on him during this entire episode. In that entire time (and probably the entire game) he did not fire a shot. But that ass-first charge had me in stiches.

Anyways, i ended up winning the battle thanks in part to the lack of participation of the Jumbo. Nevertheless, he did provide some great comedy to an otherwise brutal battle biggrin.gif

Hats off to Steve and Charles! I never knew you guys had such a great sense of humor biggrin.gif

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That would be the dread CCIII virus that Atomic has been rumored to have preparing. Be vigilant, keep your anti-virus programs up to date, or we'll only have a month or so to play CM before the butt-charge becomes the AI's standard tactical doctrine.

"Soldiers of the Wehrmacht!

Our Fuhrer has instructed us to hold at all costs!

Not a single step in retreat will be taken!

You may, however, twirl around in place if you wish to.

(signed) MODEL

Field Marshal"

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The EXACT same thing happened to me Black Sabot! I dont think there is a Jumbo in that scenario but an American tank made it through the town (ducking many schreck and faust attacks) to run in reverse up the hill and park in the corner. I thought it was doing this to lend fire support from the hill to the advancing troops but it never fired. I **** a brick when it broke through my lines because I thought it would raise hell but it didnt. I hope this has been fixed. (I'm sure it has).

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Nope, no Jumbo there - I think you mean the M4A3(75)W+, of which there are two. The plus just means it has added armor welded onto its front. I did an experiment recently where I put the German 88 in town down by the lake, and moved a W+ into hull down position behind the hill on the American right, where since it was on a substantial reverse slope, I estimate the effective armor slope was sixty degrees. Took a while to get it to work, since I wanted the Sherman to get shot at but not destroy the gun. Eventually, the 88 fired every last one of its shells, about of them hitting, but all richoceting off. That extra armor, hull down, and a reverse slope made it pretty much invulnerable.


Questions, comments, arguments, refutations, criticisms, and/or sea stories?

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Yeah I've seen this happen twice during testing. Once it was actually a bug, the other time it was actually a damned smart thing for the AI to do.

The 2nd time I had a Sherman column trapped in a road with heavy woods on either side. I killed the 2nd Sherman with a schreck at close range. The 1st Sherman tried to do a 3 point turn but when it tried to move past the knocked out Sherman behind it (dodging schreck fire all this time) there wasn't enough space for it to get past so after a couple of seconds it hauled ass by reversing through my killzone. When it reached the edge of the forest it stopped.

Unfortunately for it I had an 88 set up to kill anything which made it through my ambush. My first shot missed the Sherman which proceeded to reverse down the road and drove past my 88 (which couldn't traverse fast enough to hit it), stopped and unleashed hell with 3 MGs and a 75 at a range of about 30 metres into the 88's crew. After that it proceeded to motor on down the road and formed a roadblock preventing me from pulling my ambushers out of the woods when the AI sent it's infantry in.

Basically though the "charge in reverse" is a bug but one I haven't seen since November IIRC. remember that your beta demo's are based on September's code and CM has come a long way since then.

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