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New Operation and New Scenario

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I just wanted to advise you that both a new operation and a new scenario have been posted for your pleasure.

The Operation, "Montelimar - Task Force Butler" can be found on Manx's web site.


Colin will soon have one of my newest scenarios, "To the Last Man" posted on his site.


Remember, Colin's site has both PC and Mac scenarios, so if you are a PC user, there is something there for you.

I hope you will enjoy both of these latest additions to the "Wild Bill" collection.

Good hunting...


Wild Bill

Lead Tester

Scenario Design Team

Combat Mission-Beyond Overlord


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I sent it twice last night, Colin. Can't imagine what happened. I just sent it one more time to you. Sorry.

My friend Colin in Aust. You did some fine work on testing this one, my friend. It's on the way to you now via private e-mail. Thank you.

Mr.Clark, I got you covered too, till Colin is able to get it up on his site...

Thanks, Guys!


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Just a point of clarification, WB: There is no distinction between Mac or PC for scenario files. They are interchangeable.

And I'll put in a pitch for both Benicourt and Last Man. I played the former, and tested the latter. Both are terrific fun.


"Don't lie to me, Gustav! You're a stinkin' Mac user!"

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I've got the scenario up now!

Thanks Wild Bill!

I don't really have any place to put screenshots on my site but I will eventually post the screens you sent from the new scenario!


And if we abandon any platform, I can assure you it will not be the Macintosh.


My website!

A major source of Wild Bill scenarios!

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