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Spotting chances

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Guest Big Time Software

Units spot best to their front, worst to their rear, but "hear" equally in all directions.


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wait you beasty tank... only 5 more metres, an my shreck will blow your engine at least...

4 metres...

3 metres...

2 metres...




now that tankcommander had good ears.. maybe he should have cursed with lowered voice..



-- TargetDrone

who doesn't want to draw attention...

especially from guys with big guns ...

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I know a tank can't go silent, unless it has the option to switch off it's engine, but does it make a difference to an infantry units ability to sight/sound danger, if their attackers are crawling, sneaking?. There have been other posts where ppl have found that "sneaking" up on the enemy doesn't seem to work...they still seem to get "spotted" just as easily as if they'd announced on a loud hailer "we're f***in' here you mothers!".

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Argh! Not the infamous SS Mothers Brigade! Run away!

Seriously, though, I've had no problem sneaking up on the enemy before. You just have to get down low to that level 1 view, plot your movement to take advantage of dips in the ground and cover, and Sneak/Crawl through concealment. It helps, too, if you've got someone else setting up a base of fire to keep the enemy preoccupied.

One thing I noticed, though, is how much noise the game generates when you give units "Move" or "Fast" orders. Too often you hear NCOs yelling at guys to move out, and I wonder if there are actual game impacts from this? I use Sneak and Crawl as much as possible when getting close to the enemy partly because I fear some fool yelling "Marsch!" is going to attract some unwanted attention.

Call me paranoid...

I don't want to generate another "Hey, BTS! Answer my question!" post. I am curious, though, if a unit's movement stance makes it more or less likely to announce its presence audibly, and if a unit engaged in a firefight is less able to spot?


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