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Another "O'me'God" review...

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Well there is still people around there doing some outstanding reviews (96% overall rating) of CM.

Give some pills to the Borg as soon enough some new newbies will pop up.



Funny enough the article did not mention any new developpement on the line of rodents which are a proeminent feature down here.



Either he's dead or my watch has stopped

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In fact I even eMailed the guy a challenge.


Boy that will keep him from posting some others stuff for a while.

We french have an standing history there.

Last time the guy from Combat Simulation (A Kiwi if I'm not wrong) was challenged by Ncounio as soon as he released his article.

Nicolas whipped him quite efficiently.

So it's now a trend in here to hand them there essentials so that they could consider elaborating more about PBEM.



Either he's dead or my watch has stopped

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he says this:

"Fun Factor

You can tell if a game is fun when you get that “one more turn,” or “wait, wasn’t it seven o’clock five minutes ago?” when-it’s-four-AM

feeling. If there’s one thing to be said about this game, is that it’s a blast! I had so much fun playing this game that this review is late and

my other work is backed up. Few other games have had such an effect on me, and when it does happen, the same effect occurs. I

install the game at home and at work, transfer saved games on floppies, and tick off my girlfriend by eating into our social time by

playing the game, not to mention losing productive time at work by playing the game while other projects patiently await my attention.

Could you tell by now that I had a lot of fun with this game? I’ve been playing computer wargames for years, and few have captured me

and sucked me in to the level that this one has. If you like war, wargames, or just plain fun and innovative titles, then you’ll be doing

yourself a service by getting this game. Be careful, however, that you don’t let it take over your life, because it will if you let it. "

Right on!

great review

I hope it spurs slaes EVEN more!

-tom w


<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> "Following are opinions (very abridged because of the size of this post) of members of the 66th and 67th Armored Regiments and 2nd Armored Division:

The consensus of opinion of all personnel in the 66th Armored Regiment is that the German tank and anti-tank weapons are far superior to the American in the following categories.

Superior Flotation.

Greater mobility. This is directly contrary to the popular opinion that the heavy tank is slow and cumbersome.

The German guns have a much higher muzzle velocity and no telltale flash. The resulting flat trajectory gives great penetration and is very accurate.

The 90-mm, although an improvement, is not as good as either the 75 or 88. If HVAP ammunition becomes available, it will improve the performance of both the 76-mm and 90-mm guns.

German tank sights are definitely superior to American sights. These, combined with the flat trajectory of the guns, give great accuracy.

German tanks have better sloped armor and a better silhouette than the American tanks.

The M24 tank has not been available long, but has created a very favorable impression.

The M4 has been proven inferior to the German Mark VI in Africa before the invasion of Sicily, 10 July 1943. "

-Brigadier General J. H. Collier, Commanding Combat Command "A"


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