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Strange artifacts with repainted DRA Skin in CM:A

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I'm working on some DRA Uniforms for CM:A and they are acting strange.

Any Cowering, wounded or dead soldier has these strange artifacts, not seen on soldiers with fine status. 
Of course, I don't see the artifacts with vanilla skins. I'm also using an alpha layer to conceal the chest rig.

EDIT: It appears to be related with the alpha layer of the chest rig.


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Will be very interested in new mods for CMA as that is such a great and underappreciated game. 

However, one challenge is that "Snowball" the co that was hired to do the programming did some strange things so that mods (esp faces and IIRC uniforms) are not always compatible with the way they were done for all the other titles made by BF.

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It's just a recolor of the Winter uniform to give it more variability as colored pictures of the DRA shows many shades. 

I was also trying to remove the Chest rig, as there are not many pictures of DRA troops with them. 

But they will have to keep the Chest rigs, since it's too buggy without them.

I will do Summer uniforms in the future.

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