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I really enjoy all the CM games, and would really like to try some of the mods (specifically vehicle graphics) that are out there. I have downloades CMMOS but am totally intimidated by it........is there anybody who could fill me in on the easiest way to learn it? I guess I am afraid of somehow screwing up the main game. Thanks for any help!

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The only thing CMMOS changes are graphic and sound files. If you're worried, simply make back-up copies of your bmp and wav folders and keep them in a safe place. If you're new to modding, this would be a good time to learn the discipline of always backing everything up. You *will* make stupid mistakes that need to be reversed, especially in the beginning. So organize yourself to limit the damage before it occurs: with a little forethought you should be able to reverse out of anything you inflict on yourself in the twinkling of an eye.

It might make your life easier if you start with the CMHQ version of CMMOS. The CMMODS version is more complete for CMBB(and also has some limited CMAK capability), but is a little less intuitive to work with. Once you get used to CMBO CMMOS, make sure you read the notes and especially Mike T's introductory remarks before moving on to CMBB CMMOS. They're both contained in the same program, but work very differently.

You can never make too many back-up folders and holding folders, and Quick Battles are the modder's friend (just remember to set it up and take a look at it *before* you install that new mod).

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