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Managed to find it....

Fire On The Mountain

This was quite the tactical challenge. In brief, I assigned one group of GJ to lie in ambush in the stream banks waiting for the Allied convoy. One platoon I left in my village as a reserve and to guard the flag there, a third group to assault the centre hill mass, and the far left group to assault the village.

The hill attack did not go well, and was eventually augmented by my reserve.

The attack on the village slowed down after gaining a foothold - too many Poilus in the village, but I decided to await the arrival of reinforcements. These aided me greatly, but Allied fighterbombers, in one turn, managed to blow away both my MG42s and a 20mm gun in one bombing run. Nonetheless, these reinforcements managed to kill a Sherman and a halftrack, in the same turn that my rocket artillery killed a jeep that escaped my ambush on the left.

The bombing run actually wiped out:

An SS rifle Squad with 3 men left

HMG - 6 men

HMG - 6 men

Platoon HQ - 4 men

KO ed a 20mm FlaK gun - no casualties to the crew

The ambush went very well; the enemy did not reconnoiter first, and many vehicles and men were killed in the first bursts of fire. Unfortunately, my men remained pinned down in the stream bed, and by the time I thought it was safe to move them from cover, it was too late to assist in the assault on the centre hill.

Balance - I don't think the Allied fighterbombers were necessary in this one. I would rate this as 60-40 pro Allied. The Germans have no armour and few effective long range AT assets. The close in firepower of the GJ help make up for this, however.

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