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Road to Dinas campaign - help needed


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This is a terrific campaign.  But, I got stuck in Mission 13 several years ago and after 20 retries burned out and left it.  Now I want to compete unfinished CMSF1 campaigns so I can move onto CMSF2 with no regrets.

Anyone successfully completed the Road to Dinas campaign?  I would appreciate some hints re Mission 13.

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Finally got to the end of this very impressive but also very frustrating campaign.

FWIW, The Road to Dinas is a superb campaign and very looong (16 missions IIRC) campaign - at least up to mission 13.  But, I started Mission 13 in 2011 and after a dozen tries I gave up in frustration.  A problem with this campaign is that if you take too many losses (and you really don;t know what that might mean) in an earlier mission, you will find that 3, 4, 5 or more missions later you cannot win - and that means the campaign ends.  So...  when that happens one is forced to go back 3, 4 or 5+ missions and replay everything until you do not take too many casualties.  Replaying several missions just so one can advance in the campaign is a major PITA. 

I ended up having to cheat (a lot) just to get through some of the missions since there are several missions that if you lose, the campaign ends.  Normally, I like that aspect as there is a penalty for failure.  But, these are HARD missions and even as a very experienced player I found some of them to be impossible.  

While most of the missions feature very interesting situations and maps, the final 3 or 4 missions were boring by comparison and I just got thru em any way I could and didn't even bother playing the final one.  

Still, if you reckon you are a good and experienced player and getting bored with CMSF challenges, you may really enjoy The Road To Dinas.  This is the CMSF version of the infamous CMBN "Courage and Fortitude" campaign.  (Maybe it's easier to play in CMSF2.)


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